Telemundo would have hired Pedro Fernández to replace Fernando Colunga

Telemundo habría contratado a Pedro Fernández para reemplazar a Fernando Colunga

Pedro Fernandez

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A few days after we told you, exclusively, that Fernando Colunga was out of ‘Malverde, The Patron Saint’, Telemundo He would already have his replacement, who would start recording next week.

There were many names that were put on the table, and others with which they speculated… However, we learned unofficially that Telemundo would have already signed who would be the new ‘Malverde’. Who? Pedro Fernandez.

Yes, who would take the place of Fernando Colunga, after the latter lost the leading role in the series because he would not have wanted to travel to Mexico without being vaccinated against COVID-19, would be the eternal singer of ‘La Mochila Azul’.

Fernández, according to our source within the production, would not only have signed the contract, but would have even had his first meetings, and the script of his character in his hands.

So far, there would be very few who would know about this recruitment, which will undoubtedly be a risk. Not only because it would mark Pedrito’s return to telenovelas, after he left in 2014 ‘Until the end of the world’, in the middle of the recordings alleging health problems, but also because he would have to put himself in the shoes prepared for Colunga.

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Fernández was already part of Telemundo when he was coach of ‘The voice Kids’ in 2015 and 2016, which was his last television job.

¿When would the network announce it? According to what they told us officially, when we asked about Colunga’s departure, this would be in the next few days:

“‘Malverde’ is one of the largest Telemundo productions, and we are proud to bring this great story to Hispanics in the US In the coming days, we will announce the full cast of this original blockbuster”, they told us at the time.

However, for the moment it is handled in absolute secrecy, and not even the cast would be aware of the new signing.

Will Pedro like ‘Malverde’? Will he be accepted again by soap opera lovers after he left the last one in the middle alleging health problems? Will he be physically prepared for a character that requires both emotional and physical commitment?… All these answers only time will tell.



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