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iPhone 13

Apple is not present on YouTube only for its television series and its keynotes. Indeed, the firm also has a channel dedicated to helping its customers to better understand the possibilities offered by their mobile. In fact, a new video of just over five minutes presents ten useful tips available on iPhone. We have selected the most interesting for you, but you can also view the content below (note, it is in English and the French subtitles cannot be activated):


If you happen to type an excess number on the iPhone’s calculator, know that there is a way to erase it. All it takes is a simple swipe of your finger to the left or to the right, from the top of the screen, to do this. Convenient.

It is also possible to copy a number with a long press on it, then by touching the bubble to copy which is then displayed. For the demonstration, go to the video above.

Take a quick photo

Imagine that you see an animal to photograph at the last moment: there is no time to unlock your iPhone before it runs away. To do this, Apple fortunately imagined a shortcut available on the lock screen. This is installed at the bottom right; all you have to do is slide your finger from the icon to the top left corner of the panel and you’re done: the camera appears.

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However, it is not possible to customize this button with another action, which is quite a shame. A concept of iOS 16 just imagined, there is little, how this solution could be very practical. Note also that a second shortcut, this time for the flashlight, is also installed on the lock screen but the opposite of the one for taking photos.

Good to know: this version of the camera is “limited”, and only allows access to the photo library of pictures taken from the shortcut. The others, captured previously, will ask to enter the password of the iPhone to be able to read them, for the sake of confidentiality.

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