Tenerife adds and continues at home against a minor Lugo

Tenerife adds and continues at home against a minor Lugo

The Tenerife He took the points from Anxo Carro risking just enough, conceding little and penalizing the rival’s mistakes, all of which are characteristics of a team that wants to go far and knows how to do it. They became the third team to win at the Anxo Carro before a Lugo who was so relaxed by virtual salvation that is preventing you from reaching it mathematically. I should put more effort, since it is the only one that is worth it.

Shield/Flag Lugo

The game started lively. Lugo went out to look for Tenerife and Ramis’ men were not disgusted by taking advantage of the spaces that could arise. The result was a start in which there were many approaches to both areas, but without creating any real danger. Although gunpowder was lacking, the match was intense and no one shied away from the hard leg. Tenerife worked better on its left bank, with Mollejo active and Mario González daring, while Lugo was looking more for Jaume Cuéllar, making life difficult for Pomares in one-on-one. All in all, the second half ended without a clear chance for anyone, apart from a loose shot by Barreiro on the edge of the break with no problems for Soriano.

Shield/Flag Tenerife

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The restart did not change the scenario, with both teams pushing but little precision. With these precedents, the first goal had to arrive as it did, with a hubbub within the local area that Mario González, smarter than anyone, ended up pushing the goal. Ahead on the scoreboard, Tenerife already took control of the match, taking a step back. Another local defensive mismatch served for Andrés Martín to widen differences by shooting from close range after good control. Lugo definitively handed over the spoon and the last minutes were placid for Ramis’ men. Tenerife continues with a firm step towards the promotion playoff without giving up anything, while Lugo cannot mathematically close its permanence and already has three games without a win.


Pita (45′, Alende), Cheek (60′, Manu Barreiro), Alex Bermejo (65′, Elady), sebas (73′, Chris Ramos), Juanpe (74′, Xavi Torres), Andres Martin (76′, Mario Gonzalez), Iriome (82′, Jaume Cuellar), Shaq Moore (86′, Victor Mollejo)


0-1, 63′: mario gonzalez0-2, 77′: Andres Martin


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