Tenerife squanders its credit and is doomed to the derby against Las Palmas

Tenerife squanders its credit and is doomed to the derby against Las Palmas

The C.D. Tenerife squandered the advantage that fourth place gave him with which he began the day and his defeat against Cartagena, together with the victory of Las Palmas in Gijón, led him to play for promotion in a derbyagainst the team that has defeated them in their two clashes this season.

The three significant points that would certify Tenerife fourth place were a substantial incentivehence the plenary conviction of scoring as soon as possible, and he was almost able to achieve it with two shots from Michelle (m.3) and Elady (m.8), but avoided it Prior with two comfortable interventions.

But soon after he also tried by blassi with a shot at will, but sorianoon the goal line, deflected the ball, while the attacker himself starred in a new play (m.10) with the disastrous result for the locals of a penalty committed by Jeremyaction that a minute later transformed ortuno in goal

Shield/Flag Tenerife

The insular shocks did not end with this goal, Alex Gallar (m.20) He was able to increase the account, but his shot from outside the area repelled the crossbarwhile two minutes later it was buffarini who took advantage of a rebound at the far post to lower the ball and beat soriano with a shot at medium height.

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With this comfortable Cartagena advantage, with an almost absolute dominance, and with a Tenerife concluded this first part, to resume shortly after the game with a slightly more ambitious Tenerifewith two quick attempts, one of Enrique Gallegoand another of Andrewthe first one stopped her Prior and the second went out.

The third serious attempt in Tenerife did enter the framework of Prior, a cross from Rubén Díaz was finished off by Sipcic on the goal line (m.64), so much so that it harbored some hope for the Tenerife host, but everything fell apart ten minutes from the end, when Andrew He missed a clear opportunity to shoot wide.

Shield/Flag Cartagena

In this way, the team from Murcia consolidates its acceptable season in ninth place, while the people from Tenerife drop to fifth, thus promoting a more than interesting regional derby against UD LasPalmasbut with the handicap of having lost the field factor in the second match.


Alex Corredera (45′, Aitor Sanz), Andres Martin (45′, Mario Gonzalez), Samuel Shashoua (59′, Elady), Alberto Cayarga (61′, Alex Gallar), Cristoforo (73′, Pablo De Blasis), Okazaki (73′, Alfredo Ortuño), Weaver (82′, Yann Bodiger), Neeskens (83′, Boateng)


0-1, 11′: Alfredo Ortuno0-2, 21′: Julius Buffarini1-2, 63′: Sipcic

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Referee: Iosu Galech Apezteguía
VAR Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
Aitor Sanz (10′, Yellow) Victor Mollejo (37′, Yellow) Enrique Gallego (60′, Yellow) Michel (69′, Yellow) Paul DeBlasis (70′, Yellow) Charles Ruiz (71′, Yellow


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