Tesla’s crazy new steering wheel, a full-blown danger

Tesla's crazy new steering wheel, a full-blown danger

To date we have seen flyers of greater or lesser diameter, of greater or lesser thickness and even slightly flattened at the top, at the bottom, or just in one of the places.

Although people are crazy about these types of designs, the truth is that they are very impractical, something that we are going to tell you right now, a day that we have chosen due to the launch of the renewed Tesla Model S and Model X, models that now come with a steering wheel that looks like it came out of a setup or cockpit to play video games instead of a real car.

Today, many future owners literally “stick” because their car has a ruffle slightly flattened at the bottom, something that “cool” in the aesthetic section but that like everything in this world, has pros and cons.

Although that small flattening makes the steering wheel appear more sporty and elegant, in reality manufacturers also mount it for other reasons.

Tesla's crazy new steering wheel, a full-blown danger

Many surely you say that if competition vehicles They mount this type of steering wheel, it will be for something and in a way, in these vehicles this is so because their directions are more direct and they require less turns to reach their stops and their cockpits have fewer adjustments so they are more necessary to improve the comfort of the pilots -especially access and exit, although in these cases the steering wheels are also removable-.

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At present, manufacturers use flattened steering wheels for the following reasons:

Offer more legroom

When trimming the steering wheel at the bottom and flattening it, a more legroom. As the circumference of the steering wheel is compromised by flattening, more space is created between the steering wheel and the seat. This gives the driver more legroom and entry and exit maneuvers somewhat more comfortable.

Tesla's crazy new steering wheel, a full-blown danger

Offer a more robust and higher quality appearance

As this type of steering wheel is associated with sports or high-performance cars, the installation of a slightly flattened steering wheel at the bottom allows manufacturers to make consumers believe that they are facing models of a higher quality than they are. This premium look is pure façade, although many consumers are happy with the fact that the steering wheel is slightly flattened at the bottom.

Flattened or “flat bottom” steering wheels allow us to know the position of the steering wheel

It may seem silly, but some manufacturers believe that the fact that this shape is on a steering wheel will make life easier for customers by knowing more quickly if the steering is not turned.

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Well, having analyzed the three reasons why brands equip flattened steering wheels, you should know the main point against those flyers.

Tesla's crazy new steering wheel, a full-blown danger

If you are a lover of driving sure you know that the best steering wheel is the round steering wheel of a lifetime, with a normal circumference – neither very large nor extremely small like that of the Peugeot, which is also slightly flattened at the top and bottom. The reason why a round steering wheel is better for driving is that in dodging or driving maneuvers that require a greater number of turns of the steering wheel, the hand rests more comfortably on a circumference and not in a flat area, in addition, if we are not used to this type of maneuver, it is very possible Let your hands and your brain look for the curvature of the steering wheel and are surprised when the hand lands on the flat area.

Some driving experts have told us that if you have a flattened steering wheel and you don’t miss a round steering wheel, then you don’t drive with your hands correctly positioned.

So why am I saying the new Tesla steering wheel is a hazard?

Well, besides that it is not completely circular -something necessary for many maneuvers in real life-, the shape of this steering wheel is simple and straightforward posture if we take into account what we have commented previously. I personally do not like the steering wheel, although I must admit that it is “new” and “cool.”

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In addition to lacking an upper ring, the lower one is flattened so it will be very impractical to drive on very twisty roads because the position you must adopt because of this steering wheel is not natural or ergonomic.

This steering wheel may be fine in a future in which cars drive 100% autonomously on all roads and circumstances, but friends of Tesla, no matter how hard you try, you have not yet achieved this and today we still need a steering wheel conventional, whether it bothers us or not.

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