Testimonials “Positive Parenting … by Isabelle Filliozat”

Testimonials "Positive Parenting ... by Isabelle Filliozat"

There are some things that can make a day incredibly beautiful.

For everyone it’s different.

For us, these are the testimonials we receive from members of our online programs!

We are always extremely touched to realize that our work has helped them and that they have more serene relationships with their children and a more fulfilling family life!

We regularly receive great written testimonials, but rarely video testimonials …
What a pity, it’s so much nicer and more authentic on video!

So to celebrate the birthday of program that we co-created with Isabelle Filliozat, We have organised a competition to elect the best testimonial video.

Testimonials "Positive Parenting ... by Isabelle Filliozat"

A big thank you to Myriam, Sylvie, Victoria, Emmanuel and Fréderic (and yes, there is two dads !) for their participation.

We know it’s not always easy to speak in front of a camera, so kudos to them for stepping out of their “comfort zone”!

And who says ” competition », Says« prizes to be won », For the 3 coolest videos.

… but sincerely, it is too complicated for us to decide on our own!

Then we are counting on you to help us to choose the nicest testimonial, by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article and telling us your favorite video!

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Here are the testimonials:

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