Thalia is Camila Sodi’s aunt?

Thalia is Camila Sodi's aunt?

Thalía and Camila Sodi are two recognized names in Mexico, but in addition to their passion for art, they both share a close relationship.

The protagonist of “María la del Barrio” is Camila’s aunt, since she is the daughter of Ernestina Sodi, her older sister. According to the media MDZ, the young actress saw in Thalía an inspiration to follow in her footsteps and make a name for herself in the world of acting.

In fact, the ex-wife of Diego Luna and the interpreter of “Amor a la Mexicana” have an excellent relationship since they try to meet again whenever they can and share moments of extreme fun, as could be seen on social networks.

One of the funniest jokes that both starred in was shown on Instagram. There Camila is seen with an animal rib in her hand and assures: “It is the authentic one, it is the only one”, alluding to the strong rumor that her aunt removed this bony part of her body to look slimmer.

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