Thanks to the Apple Watch, a patient was able to live longer

Apple Watch

Kim Durkee, an American equipped with an Apple Watch and its Minnie Mouse dial, made headlines this week on the regional channel CBSBoston. She explains how her watch would have saved her life, by detecting to start a atrial fibrillation. Logically, our patient of the day then goes to the emergency room to try to find out more.

And there, surprise: in a health facility in Maine, he was diagnosed with cardiac myxoma. This tumor, non-cancerous, can obstruct the passage of blood in the heart and can therefore prove fatal if it is not taken care of quickly. The doctors therefore logically advised an operation, which will take place without incident and will have avoided a stroke.

A watch to stay healthy

History does not tell us which Apple Watch Durkee had on his wrist during this incident, but we do know that thanks to the heart rate monitor integrated under the hood, the device is able to identify many potentially fatal anomalies. With this, a blood oximeter is also part while it is rumored that a next version could also follow the level of glucose in the blood.

At sixty-seven, Kim Durkee no longer wants to leave her Apple Watch. Moreover, at this advanced age the functionality of fall detection can also prevent serious accidents, even if the victim has lost consciousness and is unable to contact the emergency services. In this way, the Series 7 itself alerts the competent services when no movement of the owner is detected.

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Almost no financing possible

Unfortunately, an Apple Watch is not yet considered a real medical device in France, so social security does not cover its purchase. However, several doctors have praised the capabilities of the watch, even if others believe that it still generates too many false positives to be viewed favorably by health professionals.

Apple does offer discounts for students, but it seems for now that they are mainly focused on Macs, Apple Music plans and iPads. Shame…

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