The 10 best online digital marketing courses

The 10 best online digital marketing courses

For professionals who wish to work on their skills in the field of digital marketing, there are dedicated online training courses.

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HubSpot Academy

The HubSpot CRM platform and marketing tools provider gives professionals the opportunity to train for free in the various digital marketing professions. HubSpot Academy offers a wide range of training on marketing, sales, and service topics. The marketing training courses are varied:

  • inbound marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • web design
  • Social networks
  • Email marketing
  • Contact management
  • Automating
  • Reporting and performance

Among these, content marketing training is ideal for developing a digital content strategy.

HubSpot Academy thus offers numerous recognized certification courses, allowing professionals to develop their expertise and boost their careers. This platform also includes lessons on the latest developments in marketing, in particular with short practical modules.

The training modules last from 30 minutes to more than 3 hours and are accessible to different levels of qualification: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

On HubSpot Academy, professionals can also enjoy unlimited access to educational content and free tools.

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Live Mentor

LiveMentor is a professional training organization specializing in digital professions. The LiveMentor catalog includes 14 training courses, from the most generalist in digital marketing to the most specialized modules such as e-commerce. This platform notably offers certification training in digital marketing with 9 modules made up of 68 courses and expert interviews. Lasting one month, it allows professionals to learn about a number of strategies used on the web:

  • SEO referencing
  • Social networks
  • Membership
  • The customer relationship
  • Storytelling
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Thanks to LiveMentor, participants also benefit, at the end of the training, from 2 months of support from mentors or working professionals.

Participation in LiveMentor’s distance digital marketing training costs 1,500 euros. It is eligible for funding from Pôle Emploi, the training plan, the OPCOs and the CPF.

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Facebook Blue Print

Facebook BluePrint is the name of the distance learning platform launched by the famous social network giant: Meta. On this platform, it is notably possible to follow a training course to acquire skills in digital marketing. This free training offers more than 70 courses to learn how to use social networks in a professional setting. Various guides are available to professionals to help them learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or Instagram. The themes of the different modules include:

  • Organizing the launch of an online business
  • The increase in online sales
  • Audience targeting
  • Advertising management

Facebook BluePrint also offers certification training to strengthen digital marketing skills on social networks.

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Google Digital Workshops

In 2018, Google opened a free distance digital marketing training center: Google Digital Workshops. The search engine giant offers free training based on the fundamentals of digital marketing. Divided into 26 modules, this 40-hour program provides an overview of the subjects dealing with web marketing:

  • The creation of websites
  • Search engines
  • SEO referencing
  • Improving the visibility of a website
  • Content Marketing
  • The use of social networks
  • Emailing
  • Online advertisements
  • Video content
  • Audience analysis
  • e-commerce, etc.

This training on digital marketing is a solution that entrepreneurs can use to learn how to develop their online presence.

Google Digital Workshops logo

The Customer Factory

La Fabrique à Clients is a tool for professionals wishing to apply digital marketing strategies and tools. It offers a complete training course entitled “Digital Marketing Essentials Training” comprising 10 modules. This online training allows you to discover all the disciplines necessary to develop your digital marketing:

  • The basics of digital marketing
  • Omnichannel and the purchase journey
  • Digital marketing strategy and design tools
  • Content Marketing
  • The website
  • search marketing
  • display marketing
  • Community management and social networks
  • Email marketing and marketing automation
  • Web Analytics and Performance Improvement
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The Fabrique à Clients digital marketing training lasts 14 hours and includes 3 formulas from 790 to 1190 euros. It can be financed by Pôle Emploi, the OPCOs, the Region and the CPF. This program referenced by Qualiopi, Datadock and ICDL offers a quality experience to professionals.

logo factory to customers

Webmarketing & Co’m

Webmarketing & Co’m allows entrepreneurs to find the necessary resources to develop their business by relying on their webmarketing skills. With this Qualiopi-certified training organization, professionals can in particular follow a 5-day certifying training course to:

  • Acquire the key themes of web marketing
  • Learn how to implement an effective digital strategy
  • Retraining for digital jobs
  • Improve the visibility of their products or services online

This distance training consists of 3 modules: fundamental bases, natural referencing and social networks. The price of the training is 2000 euros excluding tax, or 2400 euros including tax.

Professionals also have access to a whole range of general and specialized training courses ranging from the fundamentals of SEO to the creation of an e-commerce site and social networks.

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The OpenClassrooms online school is known for offering state-recognized, degree-granting online training paths and courses. On this platform, there are many possibilities to master the strategies and professions of digital marketing.

  • Diploma courses from 9 to 12 months: operational marketing manager, expert in marketing or communication strategy or even community manager.
  • Free ten-hour courses on different themes: increasing web traffic through referencing, animation of social networks, development of a brand, etc.

The catalog offers 13 training themes, sanctioned by diplomas, but also professional certifying courses. For diploma courses, the price varies between 300 and 500 euros per month for individual financing.

Openclassrooms logo


An internationally renowned e-learning platform, Udemy offers certification courses in English and French. On this distance learning site, professionals can access many training courses and online courses, particularly on topics such as digital marketing. It alone includes more than 700 courses:

  • SEO;
  • social networks ;
  • Google Ads certification;
  • Google Analytics;
  • emailing;
  • e-commerce, etc.
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In addition, the platform offers contact with professionals allowing the consolidation and improvement of learning.

The prices are between 15 and 100 euros, but it is common for the site to offer promotions accessible in particular from its newsletter. It may therefore be interesting to subscribe to it.



Coursera brings together a lot of content from more than a hundred American or European companies and universities. This wealth of information allows the distance learning platform to offer more than 4,000 online courses with more than 400 specializations. Coursera’s catalog ranges from high-level training to ones you can complete in a single day. Among all these possibilities, there are more than 150 free distance digital marketing training courses with French subtitles. The topics covered include SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, neuromarketing and personal branding.


SEMRush Academy

World leader in natural and paid referencing, SEMRush allows entrepreneurs to choose the right keywords for their content strategy, but also to follow online certification training. On SEMRush Academy, professionals will discover a variety of free courses on digital marketing covering different topics: SEO, content marketing, social networks, online advertising and online research. They will be trained there by experts in the field. The training modules include video lessons, documents to explore and advice from professionals.

But beware, the courses are only available in English.

Semrush Academy logo

HubSpot Community

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