The 10 engines of Pablo Guede to relaunch Malaga

Los 10 motores de Pablo Guede para relanzar al Málaga

1-Experience. Pablo Guede is not a newcomer to the bench. These are the teams he has coached since, originally, he put El Palo on a promotion ramp from Tercera to Segunda B with hardly any financial resources. There he began his career on the bench. Note: New Chicago, Palestino (Chile), San Lorenzo de Almagro (Argentina). Colo Colo (Chile), Al Alhi (Saudi Arabia) and already in Mexico Morelia, Tijuana and Necaxa. There are ten teams. And some of them of great pedigree.

2-Hunger and illusion. A coach with such experience could land in clubs from the Old Continent because his resume is attractive. But when the possibility of coming to Malaga arose, he didn’t think about it alone: ​​”It’s the most exciting challenge of my career,” he commented on the day of his presentation. He comes with a push.

Shield/Flag Malaga

3-Idol of the fans. During his time as a footballer at Málaga, Pablo Guede was not the undisputed starter. But when he came out he was dazzled by his grit, commitment and fighting spirit. He had speed although technically he was not a virtuoso. In the league for promotion from Segunda B to Segunda in the 1997-98 season, Málaga was placed in a group with Talavera, Beasain and Terrassa. In these six games he scored four goals, three of them in the last against the last of the three that is still remembered because it changed the history of Malaga.

4-His character. Pablo Guede has a very special charisma. He says what he thinks and is not for compadreos. After signing for Málaga, he has had individual conversations with the players to tell them what he wants and expects from each of them. He is not a technician who marginalizes.

5-“I came to give and not to ask.” This is very clear. A few days ago it was published in a Chilean media that Guede had requested the signing of Gabriel Suazo, captain and left back of Colo Colo whose contract ends on June 30. Guede knows him perfectly because he had him under his orders. But he has never asked for his incorporation. “To sign is the sports management” he emphasized emphatically. It seems that Suazo can renew with the Chilean team. Stuff…

6-All plugged in. Luis Muñoz has recovered from his torn cruciate knee ligament. Although he still has time to have what the coaches call ‘competitive discharge’, he was summoned to Leganés. It all adds up.

Pablo Guede at La Rosaleda on the day of its premiere.

7-Recover the forwards. It is interesting to see that in its two games, Málaga has scored five goals (one more than in the 10 scored by Natxo González, the previous coach). The scorers have been the following. Vadillo (two), Brandon, Antoñín and Sekou. Interesting.

8-The fervor of the fans. This is not usually easy in a trainer. This season we have found that neither of the two previous coaches who have worked at La Rosaleda caught on with the fans. José Alberto López did not like the stands, They are one of those things that no one can explain. But they pass. And we are talking about a hard-working, serious and hungry coach. Natxo’s case was different. Beyond the results, which were bad, this technician did not work. Neither for better nor for worse.

9-Tactical wealth. In two games we have seen Málaga de Guede play with 5-3-2, 4-3-3 and 4-1-3-2. All of them elastic schemes. The great positive fact in the duel against Leganés is that the Blue and Whites only conceded two shots on goal.

10-Dani Martin. The goalkeeper from Gijón deserves a special chapter. His saves against Valladolid and the pepinero team have made it possible to rescue at least two of the four points achieved in the Guede era.


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