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The 100 most dangerous road sections for motorcyclists | Motorcycles


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More protection for the most exposed on the road. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has begun to signal the 100 sections of secondary roads with the highest risk for motorists and before Easter 2021 they will all be identified on the asphalt. The DGT will use a new sign that warns these users – and drivers in general – of the need to extreme caution.

Two main data justify this measure: on the one hand, with 5.5 million motorcycles and mopeds in Spain (19% of the vehicle fleet), bikers represent the 27% of those killed in traffic accidents; on the other, the number of fatalities on two wheels grew 11% in 2019.

The 100 sections identified have an approximate length of two kilometers and they have been selected both for their sinuosity and for the number of accidents recorded in the previous five years. Of striking yellow color, the sign designed by the DGT will be placed at the beginning of each section and report the number of motorists injured (deceased and injured) in the last five years. The data from the signs, the first of which has already been installed at kilometer 3.4 of the M-131 road, will be updated annually based on the number of victims.

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The DGT will mark the rest of the sections –Spread throughout Spain, except the Basque Country and Catalonia, with the traffic powers transferred – when the holders of the roads grant the corresponding permits. In these areas, as indicated by the specific poster – which includes the radar, helicopter and drone control badges – the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard and the DGT air resources unit they will intensify vigilance to avoid speeding and illegal maneuvers.

Other actions

In 2014, 340 motorists died in an accident and since then there has been a continuous growth of the numbers until reaching 466 in 2019. 76% of them lost their lives on secondary roads. The main causes of motorcycle accidents with fatalities are road exits (47%) and frontal crashes (21%). More than half of the drivers killed on conventional roads, on the other hand, were driving high displacement motorcycles (more than 500cc).

In addition to warning motorists through specific signs, the DGT will study possible design improvements in the infrastructure and, likewise, a reform of the General Traffic Regulations to increase the protection of vulnerable users. Also being studied, among other aspects, is the mandatory use of gloves and the recommendation of the use of the airbag for motorcyclists on high-displacement motorcycles on the road.

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The 100 sections identified


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