The 12 Best Free Zoom Wallpapers (+ How to Add It)

The 12 Best Free Zoom Wallpapers (+ How to Add It)

More and more companies are offering their employees the possibility of teleworking one or more days a week. Faced with this growing phenomenon, it was necessary to put in place tools to maintain the link between colleagues and offering the possibility of organizing remote meetings, Zoom is one of them.

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This application, which has a free version, allows you to create a videoconference in just a few seconds and a few clicks and bring together a hundred participants scattered all over the world.

In order to make meetings more professional or simply to allow participants to change their personal wallpaper, the tool offers many free downloadable virtual backgrounds.

12 free wallpapers for Zoom

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1 – Tropical happiness

tropical wallpaper

A Zoom wallpaper that offers a total change of scenery and a taste of vacation.

2 – Brilliant Professional

Classy office wallpaper

This chic desk reminiscent of the corporate meeting room is the perfect Zoom background to stay connected.

3 – Royal Library

Royal Librarian Wallpaper

This virtual wallpaper takes possession of the Livraria Lello, a magnificent bookstore located in the historic center of the city of Porto, Portugal.

4 – The office area

desktop wallpaper

This modern corner office with its breathtaking view of the city is the right professional Zoom wallpaper for teamwork.

5 – White brick loft

Modern loft wallpaper

A modern art inspired wallpaper for a creative day at work.


Wooded Road Wallpaper

This oak-lined road at the historic Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah, USA is perfect for winding down and de-stressing before an important presentation.

7 – Green on the wall

Plants Live Wallpaper

This animated Zoom wallpaper brings a touch of greenery to the workspace.

8 – Whiteboard desk

office whiteboard wallpaper

A virtual school desktop wallpaper to find your child’s soul before a creative meeting.

9 – Comfortable desk

Warm desktop wallpaper

A warm and soothing background to create a comfortable working environment.

10 – The Simpsons

The Simpsons Wallpaper

A wallpaper inspired by the famous animated television series for Simpsons fans.

11 – Open space

open space wallpaper

A Zoom background that gives the impression of being surrounded by colleagues and not alone at home.

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12 – Jungles

jungle drawing wallpaper

A colorful virtual background to recharge the batteries when the day ends with an important business meeting.

How to add a virtual wallpaper on Zoom?

Open the Zoom app

Connecting to Zoom

The first step is to open the app and log in with the account email and associated password.

Click on “Settings” at the top right

Settings top right

In the second step, you have to click on the small “Gear” icon located at the top right of the screen to display the parameters.

Access the Virtual Background option

Virtual background

You must then click on “Virtual background” to display the different wallpapers available.

Choose the virtual wallpaper and save it

Choose virtual background

The last step is to choose the type of background you want and select the image or video to install as the wallpaper. It is also possible to add a custom image or video by clicking the ‘Plus icon’ button in the upper corner of the ‘Choose a virtual background’ section.

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