The 12 best sound logos in 2021

The 12 best sound logos in 2021

The sound logo, sound logo or jingle, is a capital element for the communication of a brand. It is a short-lived sound that should be easily remembered by customers.

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Here are the best company sound logos created in 2021, not to mention the most famous sound identities.

The best corporate sound logos

Lutti, a new sound logo for advertising campaigns

Lutti is currently benefiting from an impressive branding campaign. In 2021, the Belgian candy brand decides to expand its advertising campaign media with a new, very eye-catching sound logo. To do this, she created a joyful and dynamic sound, just like her products. This sound signature will thus remain engraved in the minds of young and old.

Listen to the sound logo

France Inter, a new sound identity

With almost 60 years of existence on the airwaves, a new page is turning for France Inter with a whole new sound identity. In August 2021, the radio station reinvented its “hourly signal” with a resolutely modern sound logo. This new jingle has a singing and joyful melody that characterizes what France Inter has become over time: a more pop radio that combines power and modernity.

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Listen to the sound logo

France Culture, a new, more contemporary logo

Like France Inter, France Culture has a new sound design for the 2021-2022 school year. The France Radio station called on the talent of DJ Chloé Thévenin and her electro universe to breathe new life into the image of radio. France Culture now broadcasts a unique and contemporary jingle, characteristic of both the history of radio and its openness to the world.

Listen to the sound logo

TF1, a new sound design to modernize its television programs

In January 2021, TF1 created a new visual and sound identity in order to inject a stronger and more readable aura into its programs. To accompany the different landscapes of France with its advertising spots, the first French television channel has opted for simple and effective sound design. Composed of 6 notes, it has been redesigned to become more optimistic and engaging. The design of the TF1 sound jingle was supported by the company Start-rec.

See and listen to the new sound logos

2021: new sound logo for Atol

For the start of the 2021 school year, Atol has launched a new communication campaign with a new sound identity. Since the 1990s, the brand communicated on a first sound signature with the cry of Antoine, its ambassador at the time. The famous “Atol, the opticians”. Today, the new sound logo has been created with the aim of emphasizing the importance of the visual health of customers for franchise opticians. This new jingle is available on the 2 new Atol commercials broadcast on television and radio since August 29, 2021.

See the commercial with the new sound logo

The sound identity of the SNCF, the national anthem of French stations

In 2005, SNCF decided to gain new momentum and personalize its brand image. For this, she created a new sound identity all her own and which, above all, marks the spirits. This jingle will offer SNCF the consolidation of its leading position on the French rail market. The 4 aerial and memorable notes of the sound logo are arranged to reassure users during their travels. They are accompanied by a soft voice that embodies the values ​​of SNCF: proximity, service and human contact. Today, the SNCF jingle enjoys remarkable notoriety and great attachment from travelers.

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Listen to the sound logo

Netflix, a simple and effective jingle

The Netflix jingle is one of the most famous sound logos in the world. Since 2015, it has marked the spirits of millions of viewers. Simple and easily identifiable, this creation by Hans Zimmer includes:

  • Two percussion notes to announce an upcoming event;
  • A longer sound, called a “tablecloth” which underlines the mystery and encourages the customer to discover more about the offer.

Listen to the sound logo

Decathlon, a sound identity to express its values

In 1978, Decathlon created a sound logo which simply and effectively represents its values: vitality, responsibility, authenticity and generosity. Composed of 2 consecutive sentences of 5 notes, it also reflects the dynamism of the sport by its fast pace.

Listen to the sound logo

A tailor-made sound signature for Carrefour

For a long time, Carrefour has used planetary tubes for the sound identity of its brand. In 2017, the brand chose to create its own sound logo to gain sustainability. This jingle allows Carrefour to express its ambition to offer all its consumers the best in everyday life. The melody represents Carrefour’s proximity to its customers. Composed of catchy voices and hand claps, the sound logo evokes dynamism and enthusiasm.

Listen to the sound logo

Renault, a sound signature created to strengthen its place in the automotive sector

In 2015, Renault decided to renew its brand image. This makeover also went through its sound identity. The automobile industry being a very competitive sector, Renault had above all to find a sound logo that differentiates the brand to support its positioning in the market. The jingle, through the presence of warm and harmonious voices, illustrates and underlines Renault’s human and committed personality.

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Listen to the sound logo

20th Century Fox and its fanfare

In the cinema or on television, all films from Twentieth Century Fox studios begin with the famous logo and the accompanying sound logo. Created at the same time as the logo in 1933, the musical theme is a realization of Alfred Newman, Oscar-winning composer, who decided to play a fanfare. Having changed very little in all these years, the jingle is today known around the world and very easily recognized.

Listen to the sound logo

EDHEC, the first large French school to benefit from a sound logo

EDHEC is the first management school to adopt a sound identity in France. This was born in 2020 with the presentation of a new strategic plan dedicated to future generations. With a unique sound signature, EDHEC seeks to stand out and stand out from other grandes écoles nationally and internationally. EDHEC’s sound identity conveys the values ​​that the school wishes to transmit: excellence, innovation and optimism. These values ​​are illustrated by the use of simple and modern sounds which respond to each other by a play of echoes.

Listen to the sound logo

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