The 12 best video hosting sites

The 12 best video hosting sites

In 2021, video could represent nearly 82% of internet traffic. A format that is exploding, but which requires more storage space than textual or photographic content. Using a video hosting site or platform allows companies to maintain a high level of quality when sharing with their audience and not penalize the loading speed of their own websites.

> Download this introductory video marketing e-book” align=”middle”/>Choosing the right video host depends on the needs of the business. To help you, here is a comparison of 12 video hosts.


The famous platform is not just a social network. YouTube is also a great video host and has some great features for business. The largest video hosting site on the Internet combines hosting and SEO. In addition to hosting video content, it makes them visible to its 1.9 billion monthly active users.

When it comes to uploading videos, YouTube does not set a limit in terms of storage volume. However, import is limited to 128 GB per video.

YouTube has many advantages for professionals. First of all, the vast field of opportunities represented by the platform constitutes a considerable argument. The possibility of integrating the videos on its website or its social networks thanks to iframes codes is also a plus. Finally, YouTube accepts videos of a maximum duration of 12 hours, which leaves many possibilities of content to share.

However, there are some limitations that can hold back companies that want to implement a long-term content marketing strategy. Integration, for example, may be limited when it comes to the interface.

In fact, a YouTube video embedded in a web page keeps the platform’s default player, as well as the automatic delivery of advertisements, even when the video is integrated into a professional website.

While it was possible to turn off ads a few years ago, YouTube has since removed this option. This lack of platform flexibility can lead some companies to distribute their competitors’ videos on their own website.

Finally, YouTube does not allow downloading videos in free version.


Vimeo is a video sharing platform which, unlike YouTube or Dailymotion, for example, is not considered a social network. A true reference for professionals, in particular content creators, Vimeo is therefore not suitable for content sharing.

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On the other hand, if the goal is not necessarily to build an audience, Vimeo can be a good solution for uploading videos. Unlike YouTube, the platform does not serve ads.

The integration of videos is also more flexible: it is possible to easily customize the interface according to the design of its website or its graphic charter. It is also possible to insert the Vimeo video player in responsive format to adapt to all screen formats.

Finally, Vimeo has the advantage of allowing the downloading of videos.

If Vimeo has some drawbacks, they mainly come from its free version. The number of uploads and the target audience are indeed limited. Vimeo is nevertheless making its first offer accessible to professionals who want to start creating video content for $ 7 per month.

In short, Vimeo is an interesting solution for companies who want to host their videos to integrate them on their website or blog without necessarily trying to build an audience on the Internet.


Formerly a direct competitor of YouTube, Dailymotion is now far from the figures of the first video platform in the world. However, the video sharing site fulfills its role of host. With unlimited free hosting, it’s a good solution to save your videos, as long as you’re not trying to build an audience.

Because it is precisely on this point that Dailymotion has weaknesses vis-à-vis YouTube. The audience is indeed much less important. The maximum file size that can be imported into Dailymotion is also much lower. As for ads, the problem is the same as on YouTube: they appear before, during and after watching the video.

In short, Dailymotion can be a good secondary hosting solution, especially if protecting video content with a password is an important criterion. In this case, Dailymotion makes it possible to make internal company videos available and accessible in private mode.


vooPlayer is aimed primarily at marketing professionals. It is therefore very statistically oriented. It is the ideal tool for making video creation part of a content marketing strategy.

With a starter offer of $ 14 per month, vooPlayer is a relevant solution for established marketers. It is possible to completely customize the video player so that it corresponds to the graphic charter. No advertisements interfere with reading on the user side. It is also a precise tool for audience analysis and prospect capture.

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vooPlayer has a potential drawback, however: due to its advanced features, it can be difficult for a business new to web marketing to understand.


SproutVideo has basically the same characteristics as vooPlayer. It is a tool focused on statistical analysis, ideal for professional marketing campaigns. It has several interesting features:

  • Forms dedicated to capturing prospects and creating audiences.
  • Collaboration and playlist creation tools.

As with vooPlayer, SproutVideo does not allow you to benefit from an audience and can be relatively complex. Nevertheless, it remains accessible to small businesses who want a reliable hosting solution at a reasonable price. Its starter offer is available for $ 25 per month.


Brightcove is a solution mainly used by large companies. It considers the video format to be a real marketing automation tool and facilitates its integration on the web, just like lead capture forms, for example.

In addition to a responsive player and the ability to deliver live video, Brightcove has many advanced integration features. Its only two disadvantages could be its price and its complexity of use. It is indeed a tool that is aimed at companies whose marketing strategy is mature and with a rather substantial budget.


Wistia is also a 100% marketing hosting solution. It offers advanced analytical tools, such as conversion tracking or the integration of tags for SEO. It also allows you to add call-to-action to videos.

Wistia is a professional solution focused on data analysis and user experience. It is possible to test it in a free version.


Uscreen is a little different from other video hosts. This tool was developed for sharing e-learning videos and allows creators to benefit from remuneration in exchange for sharing knowledge.

It is therefore a solution that can correspond to companies in the education sector wishing to put their videos online without necessarily making them accessible to a very large audience. Uscreen can protect its video content to allow only its subscribers to access it. The tool is available from $ 99 for a limit of 300 subscribers.


Facebook is not a priori a video sharing platform. On the other hand, it is the social network that brings together the largest audience, with more than 2.3 billion active users per month and billions of videos viewed each week.

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For professional videos, Facebook offers free and unlimited hosting, as well as the ability to build a solid audience. The social network, on the other hand, has some drawbacks for professional video communication: on the one hand, advertisements are displayed on all videos and, on the other hand, the quality of the videos may be reduced due to the compression operated by Facebook. .

Wix video

The editor of the Wix website creation platform allows you to embed videos on pages by importing them or simply from social networks. The number of videos stored is not limited and it is possible to create channels to list videos by theme.

The Wix Video Tool can be a good solution for professionals who already use this tool for their website. It allows you to have all your videos at your fingertips, directly in your library.


Vidyard is a tool suitable for WordPress websites, although it is not a plug-in, unlike Jetpack. It is above all a solution designed for web marketing professionals and, more precisely, for capturing leads, converting prospects into customers, etc. It allows you to host videos centrally, but also to share them on social networks afterwards.

Vidyard is therefore a hosting solution suitable for all sizes of business, with interesting analytical features to measure the relevance of actions carried out as part of a content strategy.


The Jetpack plugin may not be new to businesses using WordPress. It allows you to add features specific to WordPress to the back office, even if the site is hosted elsewhere.

For video hosting, Jetpack offers paid offers, relatively accessible, intended for professionals. The premium version, available for $ 9 per month, offers, for example, video hosting with a storage capacity of 2 TB.

The Jetpack host has many advantages for professional communication, starting with its flexibility of customization. Indeed, unlike platforms which are also social networks, no advertising or brand is likely to appear. It is also possible to easily track the statistics of company videos from the WordPress admin interface.

The only drawback of Jetpack as a video host: it does not allow you to benefit from a pre-established audience since it is not a platform with users.

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