The 14 Best Email Marketing Autoresponders

The 14 Best Email Marketing Autoresponders

Having an emailing strategy has become essential for a business. According to 59% of marketers, this is the most interesting channel in terms of ROI. Among the many emailing software available on the market, some offer an autoresponder option. This functionality automates the sending of marketing emails to predefined groups of contacts and, if necessary, at specific times corresponding to the different stages of the funnel.

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For example, it is possible for a company to provide that from the date of registration, a new subscriber to its newsletter will receive an email every 3 days to present the offer it offers.

Marketing Hub

The HubSpot Marketing Hub offers a high performance autoresponder. This allows pschedule regular emails sent from the moment a user subscribes to a mailing list.

It is possible to create automated emails using:

  • The standard editor.
  • The drag and drop editor.
  • The Workflows tool.

The autoresponder feature is available with the Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise. TheSending follow-up emails after submitting a form is also possible with the Marketing Starter.


MailJet is a very powerful emailing software that, in a free version, offers a limit of 200 emails sent per day. In addition to this interesting offer, the tool allows professionals to access features characteristic of an autoresponder software, such as:

  • The design of personalized and responsive emails.
  • The creation of personalized forms in pop-up or sidebar format.
  • Access to different emailing models.
  • The possibility of creating a marketing automation scenario.


As an autoresponder, Sendinblue largely meets users’ expectations and becomes a formidable competitor of the most efficient tools on the market, which are generally more expensive.

Limited to 300 emails per month, this solution includes an autoresponder feature, accessible via its “Automation” section and allowing you to define a scenario for sending emails in a few clicks.


In terms of the number of features, GetResponse is one of the most comprehensive tools on the market. Its interface has recently moved closer to that of Aweber.

Aimed primarily at small businesses, GetResponse allows you to plan email sequences by setting up automatic responders. It therefore fulfills the basic functions of an autoresponder, in addition to its emailing and CRM functions (audience segmentation, creation of landing pages, etc.).


Moosend is an autoresponder software with an original interface. It is aimed more at beginners, but can also appeal to advanced users, due to its flexibility of use.

Moosend is based on the creation of workflows, that is to say scenarios adapted to the stages of decision-making to purchase or take action. The email sequences then unfold one after the other according to triggering events.

For example, if after the first email received, the prospect of a company chooses to download the first part of his guide in PDF, it will be possible to regularly send him the following chapters in separate emails.


The famous MailChimp emailing software is also an excellent autoresponder. Thanks to its fluid interface and its complete drag-and-drop editor, it is possible to create and personalize automatic emails.

Very simplified and compatible with most existing CRM tools on the market, MailChimp allows you to set up several sending scenarios and to grant them to the different registered contact lists.


ActiveTrail is a more advanced solution than the others presented in this selection. It is presented as a SaaS email routing tool. Among its additional features, the autoresponder allows you to create several marketing automation scenarios, then compare their respective results.

ActiveTrail is accessible at a competitive price and offers features specific to a complete emailing software:

  • Creation of landing pages.
  • Structuring of forms.
  • Etc.


Aweber is a very popular autoresponder solution among web marketers and bloggers, due to its affiliate system. However, it is not totally adapted to the French market, because it does not integrate accented characters. However, many large companies use it to take advantage of its advanced features:

  • A large library of templates.
  • The ability to import and host its databases.
  • Relevant autoresponder models.
  • The generation of detailed reports to monitor the performance of its campaigns.

SG Autoresponder

SG Autorépondeur is a French solution with many features and offering an attractive price for professionals wishing to start sending emails. Its autoresponder features are basic, but meet the general needs of small businesses.


Autopilot can be considered the easiest marketing automation software to use. It allows you to create personalized and original messages from different models, but also to program a scenario based on steps and to plan the sending of automatic emails from this workflow.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns emailing tool includes a free autoresponder, which allows you to identify the most interested, engaged or active subscribers in order to send them personalized messages based on specific actions. Zoho Campaigns’ auto-response features are extensive and extensive. Additionally, Zoho Campaigns integrates with Zoho CRM as well as G-Suite.


SendPulse is a free multi-channel autoresponder. It allows you to automate the sending:

  • From emails.
  • SMS marketing.
  • Notifications.

The tool includes very practical automation and segmentation functions. It is a relevant solution for companies wishing to set up an email workflow via several channels.


Based on the cloud, Convertkit is aimed primarily at content creators on the web. Its main functions are:

  • Automation of personalized emails.
  • The segmentation of contacts and the sending of targeted messages to these different groups.
  • The creation of landing pages.

With its intuitive interface, Convertkit is easy to use. It is ideal for creating simple email sequences and therefore perfect for companies who are taking their first steps in automating sending.

Benchmark Email

It is the ideal tool for a company whose first criterion is a quick start. Benchmark Email is therefore perfectly suited to SMEs. It offers predefined email templates in order to formulate greetings for its new subscribers or to convert a committed prospect into a loyal customer.

Benchmark Email is a simple autoresponder, but with enough powerful features to meet the majority of small and medium business business goals.

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