The 16 best free email marketing software

The 16 best free email marketing software

Emailing is a marketing channel that is as powerful as it is essential. It offers many possibilities in terms of content creation and allows you to directly address your audience in order to forge privileged links with them. By relying on a relevant strategy, recourse to emailing makes it possible to meet important marketing objectives, which can be measured via performance indicators such as the conversion rate, the level of loyalty, etc.

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Choosing free email marketing software is usually the first step in setting up an email marketing strategy. However, there are many offers out there and it can be difficult to navigate. This article presents a selection of 16 free email marketing software and their features.


The HubSpot emailing tool, available in French, allows you to design emailing campaigns without specific skills in design and development. It is based on a set of customizable models, themselves linked to marketing objectives.

The strength of HubSpot emailing software is to connect the email solution to the CRM. Thus, a company’s emailing campaigns are fully geared towards its inbound marketing objectives.

The free version gives the possibility of sending up to 2000 emails per month. The number of contacts is not limited. To have more advanced features, users can update the offer at any time.


Sendinblue is a simplified emailing software, ideal for getting started in creating email campaigns. The tool, available in French, offers a set of templates to customize as well as advanced features, particularly related to the automation of shipments.

The platform can send up to 9,000 emails per month and create SMS campaigns in addition to emails.


This is the most widely used emailing software in France. In fact, the latter is available in French. In addition to an interface that is both intuitive and complete, Mailify offers advanced solutions such as:

  • A / B Testing.
  • The ability to connect to Google Analytics or WordPress.
  • A library with many templates.
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This software is available in a free version, unfortunately limited in time.


ActiveCampaign is a CRM oriented emailing software. Very complete and available in French, it includes a library of responsive and customizable email templates. It allows you to go further than simply sending campaigns by email, by encouraging the implementation of marketing automation campaigns. ActiveCampaign also has a spam filter, an API and a mobile application.

ActiveCampaign is not strictly speaking free email marketing software, since it is offered for $ 9 per month. However, it includes the characteristics of a CRM and marketing automation software as well as those of an emailing tool. It can therefore constitute a very interesting offer for small and medium-sized businesses who want such a comprehensive marketing tool.


Mailjet is a powerful emailing tool which owes its notoriety, among other things, to its API. Very popular with developers, this solution includes a template editor, for complete customization.

Mailjet presents an intuitive and complete interface, available in French, allowing easy segmentation of contacts, as well as A / B Testing and reporting tools. The free offer is promising: it is possible to send up to 6,000 emails per month, 200 per day, and to have an unlimited number of contacts.


It’s a safe bet that MailChimp owes its 10,000 active users to its free version, which is both easy to use and complete. The tool thus provides access to a library of several hundred templates to customize. In short, MailChimp is a safe bet, although the tool does not offer a marketing automation solution or the ability to send marketing SMS.

The free version allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month and enter up to 2,000 contacts. The tool is also available in French.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is an emailing tool available in French, developed by the Zoho software suite. Truly designed for the implementation of marketing automation, this solution offers advanced functionalities for the management and segmentation of contacts. In addition, there are options for customizing messages according to the stage of the funnel in which the customer or prospect is located. Zoho Campaigns makes it possible to tailor transactional messages and customer reminders.

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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is 100% emailing software. It offers basically the same functionalities as the most used solutions on the market, with nevertheless a distinctive function: the possibility of following examples of automated emailing scenarios to guide communication and allow novice users to send personalized messages to their client. hearing. Regarding its interface, Campaign Monitor is an intuitive and well-designed tool.


eTarget is a solution made in France marketing who believes in the power of marketing automation. It has both the basic functionalities of an emailing solution and features specific to the automation of campaign sending. An SMS functionality completes the offer. Navigation on the tool is smooth and pleasant, very ergonomic.

The free version of eTarget includes 6,000 email submissions per month.


GetResponse is probably the emailing tool offering the most advanced features on the market. It includes, among other things, an autoresponder function, allowing automatic emails to be sent, as well as an interface for creating landing pages. A / B Testing is also one of the features offered. Finally, the tool is available in French. The only downside: the free version of GetResponse is only available for 30 days.

Email benchmark

Benchmark email is aimed at SMEs. It has the following features:

  • A / B Testing.
  • Editing collection forms.
  • Access to a library of over 400 models.
  • The integration of videos in email campaigns.
  • The creation of questionnaires.

Its free version is quite limited, especially in terms of the number of emails it can send each month (250 maximum). It is nevertheless possible to collect up to 100,000 contacts. The tool is available in French.


It can be characterized as the most ergonomic emailing tool of the selection. MailerLite offers sleek ergonomics and flagship features such as the implementation of automated campaigns, the creation of landing pages or a library of thematic templates. The tool allows you to create newsletters designed for the mobile format. The free mode has a limit of 12,000 emails per month and an audience of 1,000 subscribers.

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TinyLetter is an easy-to-use tool, ideal for getting started in creating and sending newsletters. Its functionalities are basic and its interface, very intuitive. Often described as a lightweight version of MailChimp, TinyLetter remains limited, however. Indeed, advanced features such as scheduling of sending emails, subscription pop-ups, etc. are not available. TinyLetter only provides the bare minimum, but that means the tool is easier to understand and faster.


Adapted to professionals looking for a solution to the specific emailing problems of e-commerce companies, Omnisend gives the right to an unlimited number of contacts. Email sending is capped at 15,000 per month and 2,000 per day. The features of this software allow a company to highlight its products in its emailing campaigns. In addition, it offers different formats for registration forms: landing pages, pop up, etc.


MooSend is a solution that, like eTarget and Zoho Campaigns, is focused on analyzing marketing data to automate email sending. Its interface, fluid and colorful, relies on dashboards and other visual graphics, built from the most relevant marketing indicators: customer profile, reading habits, campaign statistics, etc.

The free version of MooSend gives access to all of the software’s features, with an unlimited number of uploads and a limit of 1,000 subscribers.


AWeber is one of the leaders in its market. It allows you to send emails with a simple or elaborate design and offers a very wide choice of templates responsive and light. Its main functionality is to generate an API to connect to other tools, such as WordPress, Facebook or LeadPage. The API also allows companies to connect AWeber to their other management or communication tools. It has many advanced features, for example, the creation of transactional emails or the setting up of an autoresponder.

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