The 2 ex-husbands of Aylín Mujica who unite her with Raquel Bigorra

The 2 ex-husbands of Aylín Mujica who unite her with Raquel Bigorra

Aylin Mujica and Rachel Bigorra They are two Cuban women who have managed to perform very well in their respective areas, on the one hand Aylín is a great actress, on the other Raquel is an incredible presenter. However, there is something else that unites them besides being a couple of successful women, and that is that 2 ex-partners of Mujica were romantically involved with Bigorra.

In 1994 Aylín ended her short one-year marriage with Osamu Menendez, a Cuban musician with whom the actress had her first child when she was only 19 years old and before she made her great leap to fame.

After they separated, Raquel Bigorra met him through mutual friendships and it was that they started a relationship that ended in a wedding, they were married from 2003 to 2008. Bigorra and Aylín were close because her then husband had a son with her and they had to keep in touch.

However, no one imagined that after Raquel divorced Osamu she would start an affair with another ex from Mujica, this time it would be with the producer Alejandro Gavira. Bigorra says that when he met the producer he was still married to Aylín, however their relationship was always friendly, he helped her cope with her divorce from Osamu.

It wasn’t until after Gavira divorced Aylín in 2008 (after 10 years of marriage) that they decided to start a romance that ended up at the altar again. To this day they maintain a happy marriage.

Alejandro Gavira and Raquel Bigorra at the premiere of the Mexican version of the musical “Wicked”, produced by OCESA and led by Danna Paola and a great cast / Mexico, October 17, 2013. Credit: Mezcalent.

The truth is that Raquel has always said that all were coincidences of life, for her part, Aylín on some occasion even said that “Bigorra had a certain fixation with her”, but it seems that he has already turned the page. In the end, both of them now have successful lives and are focusing on their respective careers very well.

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