the 200 hp electric motorcycle that corrects the rider

the 200 hp electric motorcycle that corrects the rider

In the recent technology room CES Las Vegas, Canadian manufacturer of electric motorcycles Damon attracted attention with the news of the Hyper Fighter model. It is a motorcycle that, except for the absence of exhaust pipes, reproduces the appearance of conventional sports cars without a fairing with a gasoline engine.

Even its design is reminiscent of some recent Ducati or Kawasaki models. But this is where the similarities end, because none of the three versions of the Damon HyperFighter (Unlimited 15, Unlimited 20 and Colossus) have little or nothing to see with a motorcycle to use.

The three variants differ in terms of equipment and price, which of the 17,000 euros from the simplest Unlimited 15 to the 31,000 Colossus, of which only 100 units will be manufactured. It is the most complete for carrying, among other first-level elements, some Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes and a lighter single-sided swingarm on the rear wheel.

proximity sensors

What does not change between the Colossus and the intermediate version Unlimited 20 (22,000 euros) It is the high performance engine. an electrical module with 200 CV of power and capable of accelerating from zero to one hundred in three seconds and reaching 275 km/h. Your battery declares a maximum autonomy of 235 kilometers and it can recover 80% of its capacity in 45 minutes plugged into a fast charging post. For its part, the more affordable Unlimited 15 version drops power to 150 hp, but is still capable of reaching 240 km/h. travel 195 kilometers with a full charge of its battery.

The most powerful versions of the HyperFighter impress for their performance, but even more so for their itechnological innovations. Like the CoPilot security system, which alerts by means of a signal on the instrumentation screen, acoustic alarms and vibrations in the controls of any dangerous situation that it detects with its 360º sensors.

On the other hand, the sporty electric naked includes the adaptive shift mechanism, that modifies the driver’s position electronically adjusting the handlebars and footrests, in addition to saving the preselected settings in its memory.

the 200 hp electric motorcycle that corrects the rider

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