Apple iPhone The 2021 iPhone could arrive with wifi 6E

The 2021 iPhone could arrive with wifi 6E


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If 5G was the great novelty of the iPhone 12, and the main point of marketing for the Apple teams at the release of the four new models, all of which embed this new cellular communication technology. But in 2021, wifi should take the place of 5G and become the strong element of the new phone.

Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Thomas O’Malley say that this year’s iPhone will have wifi 6E, faster than the wifi 6 currently in place on the iPhone 12. The report relies in particular on many rumors announcing an improvement in the quality of wifi on the next Apple model.

As far as sub-contractors are concerned, this should be the company Broadcomm which is already the firm chosen by Samsung to equip its Galaxy S21 Ultra released earlier this year.

Few changes for the iPhone to come

This change, which could be one of the only of this year, is likely to cause a lot of talk in the coming months. Indeed, analysts are quite pessimistic about the innovations that the Cupertino company may bring on the 2021 models. If the name “iPhone 13” was mentioned during the first rumors, as evidence, the gives seems to have changed, and analysts are now leaning more towards an “iPhone 12s” rather than an iPhone “13”.

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If the year 2020 has been very complicated for Apple, and the world of smartphones in general, the consequences have hardly been seen over the last twelve months. But the delay taken by Apple could be seen in its R&D, which could be less convincing this year than the others. With a 2020 research year when factories have been idling, the apple brand might want to take the year 2021 as a year of “transition” in order to rest a stable work base, similar to the pace the company was printing. before the pandemic.

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- Advertisement -The 2021 iPhone could arrive with wifi 6EThe 2021 iPhone could arrive with wifi 6E

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- Advertisement -The 2021 iPhone could arrive with wifi 6EThe 2021 iPhone could arrive with wifi 6E

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