the 2022 edition open to developers

Swift Student Challenge

Each year, Apple organizes during the Worldwide Developer Conference the Swift Student Challenge which rewards the best young developers. However, the event has just been announced so that the competition has also reopened its doors. Objective for the participants: create an application with Swift Playgrounds, the Cupertino platform for learning to code, version 4 of which arrived at the end of 2021.

The winners, in addition to being put forward by Apple, will be given clothes in the colors of WWDC but also one year subscriptionApple Developer Program. Obligatory passage to be listed on the App Store, this program normally costs about a hundred euros.

Conditions of eligibility

For take part in the Swift Student Challenge from France, you must be aged sixteen years over and have created their developer account with Apple. This procedure, on the other hand, is completely free. But it is also necessary to prove your student status, for example by having obtained your baccalaureate and being accepted into a university.

The organizer specifies that all subjects are accepted: services, games, health or education have already been rewarded in the past. Registrations are open until April 25 in the morning, French time. Judges will then assess the “technical” behind the application, but also the “creativity” and the ideas behind each project.

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Learn to code in 2022 with Apple

The Swift Student Challenge isn’t Apple’s only initiative to train new generations to code. To do this, the Californian company has other media such as books to read on the iPhone. From incubators are also open in different cities around the world to spot talent, not to mention the Entrepreneur Camp, whose winners come from minorities.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the apple brand in 1976, also launched his own school called Woz U. In the United States, his students can quickly find a job or enter a university after graduating, which is often more difficult without experience.

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