The 2022 iPad Pro approaching, not that different

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New images shared on Twitter attempt to represent as closely as possible what the sixth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and its more compact version should look like. Unsurprisingly, we find the design with sharp edges already present on the range as well as relatively thin borders for a good size / screen ratio.

A difference is however on the side of the arrangement of the rear photo sensors, since they are here assembled diagonally and not in line. A probable reference to the passage from the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13, noted at the time by many media judging the new mobile not to have really evolved compared to the previous one. Will this tablet be entitled to the same fate?

Hypothetical datasheet

According to recent rumors shared by Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), the new iPad Pro, which will arrive in 2022, should be compatible with wireless charging for the very first time. We also know that Apple has already thought about integrating an OLED screen on its high-end tablet. But according to the Korean newspaper The Elec, the project would not have succeeded; it may therefore be necessary to wait until 2023 or more to be entitled to it …

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What about performance? It is already rumored that TSMC is working to burn chips for iPad Pro with a fineness of only three nanometers. In theory, this not only saves space but also improves energy efficiency. The iPad Pro could then have better autonomy, even though it already holds up to ten hours in a row if we are to believe the figures established by its manufacturer. Of course, this depends on the use of each individual and it is possible to do less.

Release date

If Apple does not deviate from its habits, headed products should see the light of day towards the end of the first quarter of next year. If the third generation iPhone SE will probably be the star, the iPad Pros could wait until April or even May, when their current version will celebrate its first anniversary.

However, it is unlikely that a keynote will be organized for such announcements. A press release could then do the trick, published on the Apple site with availability of the articles presented in the following week.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9" 128 GB

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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