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Do you want to be more efficient on YouTube and save time with keyboard shortcuts for Mac or Windows keyboard? Here are the most useful, common, and productive YouTube shortcuts.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts for reading

These YouTube keyboard shortcuts will probably be the ones you use the most and the ones that will save you the most time:

  • Play / Pause: k
  • Go back 10 seconds: j
  • Go forward 10 seconds: l
  • Previous video: P (SHIFT + p)
  • Next video: N (SHIFT + n)
  • Previous image (paused):,
  • Next image (paused):.
  • Decrease playback speed: <(SHIFT +,)
  • Increase playback speed:> (SHIFT +.)
  • Go to a specific point in the video (7 is 70% of the duration) 0..9

Generic YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts will be useful most of the time to avoid using your mouse for simple actions like:

  • Activate / deactivate full screen mode: f
  • Activate / Deactivate cinema mode: t
  • Activate / Deactivate the minimized reader: i
  • Close the minimized reader or the current dialog: ESC
  • Turn sound on / off: m

YouTube keyboard shortcuts for subtitles

If you often watch videos with subtitles, managing the subtitles can be done very quickly and easily with these few keyboard shortcuts dedicated to YouTube:

  • If the video is compatible with subtitles, activate or deactivate them: c
  • Alternate between the different levels of opacity of the text: o
  • Switch between the different opacity levels of the window: w
  • Switch between font sizes (increase): +
  • Switch between font sizes (decrease): –

YouTube keyboard shortcuts dedicated to Spherical videos

  • Move up: w
  • Pan left: a
  • Pan down: s
  • Pan right: d
  • Zoom in: + on the numeric keypad or]
  • Zoom out: – on the numeric keypad or[[

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