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Are you looking for an alternative to SEMrush or equivalent software? These free and paid tools will allow you to analyze your competitors, the keywords on which they are positioned, their backlinks, their traffic and much more …

Although SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools on the market, unfortunately not all SEO companies and freelancers can afford it because of its monthly cost which starts at $ 99 for a Pro plan paid annually.

In this article, we will introduce you the 3 best alternatives to SEMrush which make it possible to do fairly equivalent things for less.

1- SERanking

SEMrush alternative SERanking

How to use this free alternative to SEMrush?

To use for free SERanking, the best alternative to SEMrush, free up to 10 audits per day, all you have to do is enter the URL of the site you want to audit in the search bar below (instead of “Enter a domain, keyword or URL”) then select the market you want to analyze by clicking on the gray button “US”:

When you click on “US”, a drop-down list will allow you to choose the market of your choice for the analysis, so you can select France if you want to analyze a site for the French market only.

Once it’s done, you just have to validate your search by clicking on the green button with the magnifying glass icon, you will then be automatically redirected to the analysis table on SERanking.

Simple and efficient.

PS: for the start of the 2021 school year, SE RANKING is offering a promo code offering -20% on all plans, it is the following: BTS2021 to inform here. It is valid for a few days only.

Already their prices are much more advantageous and cheaper than SEMrush, this makes the tool even more accessible in its pro version!

What are the limits of the free version of this software equivalent to SEMrush?

With a free account, you will be able to:

  • carry out 10 audits per day,
  • view only part of the data in all reports.

For example, for the report which gives you access to all the keywords on which your competitors are positioned, you will be able to access the first 8 results for free.

To unlock the rest of the data, you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription but the prices are really very affordable.

What are the prices of this alternative to SEMrush?

If we compare the SEMrush subscription prices To those of SEranking, the prices charged by the latter are just totally unbeatable.

For example, for 500 tracked keywords and access to all of the tool’s features, the monthly price for weekly positioning tracking and access to all features without restrictions will be only 19 euros / month excl. for a monthly subscription (compared to a minimum of $ 99 per month for the first SEMrush Pro subscription which also allows the tracking of 500 keywords).

alternative price SEMrush SEranking
Overview of the prices of the alternative to SEmrush SEranking

So with this software you can get out for less than 20 euros HT per month quite easily when on the SEMrush side, you don’t have a subscription below $ 99 per month despite an annual commitment.

semrush price
SEMrush pricing overview in comparison


Serpstat - dashboard keyword analysis

If you are not convinced by the first software that we have just presented to you as one of the best alternatives of the moment to the very famous SEMrush, SERPSTAT may also be of interest to you!

Created by a Ukrainian, this SEO software suite is one of the main competitors of SEMrush although it is not yet very well known on the French market (mainly because its interface is not translated into French).

With this tool, you will be able to do many things like:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • The automated SEO audit of your site
  • SEO positioning follow-ups

Price level, this software equivalent to SEMrush offers plans that start at $ 55 per month.

Serpstat promo code

With coupon codes leptidigital_access and leptidigital_5, you will be able to benefit from two exclusive offers on this SEO software:

  • leptidigital_access : this promo code gives you access to 5 days of 100% free testing. You must enter it in your customer area once you have registered.
  • leptidigital_5 : this promo code gives you an additional 5% discount on any plan you take.

Do you want to know more about SERPSTAT? Rather than detailing all its features here, we have already realized a complete SERPSTAT test that you can find here.

3- SimilarWeb

How to estimate website traffic using this other alternative to SEMrush?

estimate Similarweb website traffic
Overview of SimilarWeb software, a SEMrush equivalent on traffic analysis

If you are used to using SEMrush to get an estimate of the actual traffic of a competitor or similar website, there is a another very interesting and free alternative tool which you can use to get a rough estimate of the traffic achieved by any website: SimilarWeb.

This site will allow you to generate a report in a few clicks on any site of your choice, so you can easily estimate the traffic achieved by any site, without having to go through SEMrush and its dedicated report.


These three alternatives to SEMrush, of which the main one, SEranking, will allow you to obtain interesting data on your competitors without paying a high price.

If you know other software equivalent to SEMrush, whether they are free or paid and you want to share them with us so that we can enrich this article, do not hesitate to share them with us through our various social accounts.

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