The 3 big reasons why it is necessary to maintain a healthy breakfast

The 3 big reasons why it is necessary to maintain a healthy breakfast

Breakfast, for many, is the most important food of the day. However, you have to know what you are going to consume to get the necessary nutrients and avoid problems such as being overweight. According to the BBC, it is important to define well the components that we will include in our breakfast to be really healthy. We’ll tell you here how to get it:

1. Prioritize fiber: oats, fruits and cereals

In the morning it is necessary to eat fibers, and it is one of the things that is not usually done. Breakfast should be the appropriate meal of the day to include fiber, according to what Dr. Susan Jebb, who is a nutritionist and professor at the University of Oxford, points out.

Therefore, it is necessary to consume cereals and fruits. Oatmeal is a good ally so that breakfast has the appropriate amount of fiber. Whole wheat bread is also a good item that will help maintain satiety for the rest of the morning.

2. Reduce saturated fat

There are those who think that fats are essential and take advantage of breakfast to consume them. But one of the truths is that consuming saturated fat can be detrimental to health.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that the body requires a specific amount of calories a day, and that many times it is usually eaten in excess, exceeding the necessary amount. For dieters, this backfires.

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Therefore, experts recommend reducing fat intake, and include carbohydrates that are nutritious. Moderating your fat intake will help make your breakfast more balanced.

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3. Do not add sugar or salt

It is important to eat the necessary amount of sugar. Specialists recommend that instead of consuming juices with additives, consume a fruit. So having fruits within reach and taking advantage of them for breakfast is a good option so that it is balanced and nutritious.

At breakfast We must consume the food and nutrients that will help us face the challenges of the day, that is why it is so important to ensure that it is a healthy and balanced meal for our body.


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