The 4 Pillars to Build a Winning SEO Strategy

Piliers SEO pour réussir sa strategie de référencement naturel

Succeeding in building a winning SEO strategy is not easy… .. However, the optimization of natural referencing rests on a few solid foundations that it is necessary to remember. Historically, SEO was essentially based on 3 pillars:

  1. A pedestal technical solid,
  2. Of contents targeted and optimized,
  3. Of the popularity brought by connections

But in recent years, a 4th pillar has come to reinforce the 3 immutable elements of SEO: user engagement! Google now takes into account the user interactions via Android and Chrome and integrates it into its algorithm.

Director: Roxane Di girolamo, Raphaël Arzberger, Caroline Montemuro

1 – The technique

  • Thematic internal mesh
  • Explicit markup
  • Structure HN serves the content and not the layout
  • Light images
  • Site crawlable (no JS) and indexable
  • Obfuscation of unnecessary links
  • Pagination and duplication
  • Hreflang so multilingual
  • Accessibility

2 – The content

  • Work on research intent
  • H1 explicit on the search intent of the page
  • HN hierarchical structure
  • Multimedia content
  • Topic cluster
  • No duplication
  • Extensive semantic field

3 – Netlinking

  • Various anchors
  • Natural link profile
  • Authority sites
  • Themed sites
  • Do-Follow Links
  • Links on an indexed page
  • Links on a correctly meshed page

4 – UX and engagement

  • Evidence above the waterline
  • Identifiable CTAs
  • Loading speed
  • Work on the engagement rate

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