The 4 worst men | The opinion

The 4 worst men | The opinion

The controversial and famous writer and actress Santo Domingo shares her funny list

“The gentlemen prefer them gross” is the title of one of the books of the controversial and famous writer and actress Santo Domingo. I recently interviewed her on my “Maria Marin Live” program on Facebook. Her sarcasm and humor made us burst out laughing, especially when she spoke of the four worst types of men we have all been with but never counted on.

If you are ready to laugh, then you will find them just as Isabella described them in my show:

“Nothing is worse”: This type of man is the one who becomes a formal boyfriend or husband in what appears to be worthwhile. Our instinct warns us that this relationship has no future but: “Worse is nothing.”

“Well he played”: The women who fall with this man have been alone for a long time and do not even have a friend with benefits, so on a lonely night, in which he does not know whether to watch more television series or fill in crosswords, suddenly the cell phone rings and it is that old acquaintance who looks like “Professor Girafales” and in your right mind you would never pay attention to him but this time “Well he played”.

“Now for what”: This is the misplaced one because when one is alone he has a partner and when one is in a partner he is alone. And when he feels that he is really losing you because you are about to get married, he appears with flowers and chocolates, and you say “Ya pa ‘what’.

“No way”: This gentleman is the kindest of all; detailed, splendid and faithful, but it is so ugly that “when the doctor was born he threw it into the air and said:” if it flies it is a bat “, and then he threw it into the water and said:” if nothing, it is a crocodile “ha ha ha So as desperate and lonely as we are, when this character appears we say “Not crazy”, and we better choose the “Worst is nothing”.

I ask you which of these subjects have you been involved with? There is only one reason to be with one of them and that is that you have not valued yourself! Remember that you deserve a man who has everything.

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