The 5 best new features brought by iOS 15.4

The 5 best new features brought by iOS 15.4

iOS version 15.4 has recently been released. Many changes are on the way. But here are the ones that we particularly appreciate.

Unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing the mask

This was one of the big new features expected with iOS 15.4, the ability to use Face ID while wearing a face mask. Well, it is now indeed possible with the new version of Apple’s mobile OS.

You have to go to the settings to activate this unlocking feature with mask. Unfortunately, only users of iPhone 12 or newer models can enjoy it. For others, the Apple Watch can be used to unlock the iPhone when wearing your mask. Otherwise, it’s back to the classic alphanumeric code for now.

More discreet shortcuts

A huge fan of Automations, I’ve always hated those system notifications that occur when launching automated iOS shortcuts. Now it is possible to disable this notification. Launching a shortcut according to a time of day is now much more discreet.

Even more emoticons

Because there are never enough emoticons, Apple added 123 new ones to iOS with version 15.4.

iOS 15.4 emojis

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In particular, there are new expressive heads, such as those hiding his eyes with his hands, but also new symbols and many new objects (slide, chest X-rays, empty jar, etc.).

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Apple Cards and Vaccination Pass

The Wallet application, Cartes en français, now natively supports vaccination certificates and in particular the European vaccination pass against COVID-19. To add your vaccination pass to Maps, simply scan your QR code with your iPhone’s camera.

Universal command

Under macOS Monterey in version 12.3, and with for example an iPad under iPadOS 15.4, it is now possible to take advantage of the Universal Control functionality. This allows you to use your iPad as a secondary screen for a Mac, going so far as to be able to drag files from screen to screen between the two devices.

Be sure to check out our full list of changes in iOS 15.4. It also shows how to update your iPhone or iPad. For macOS Monterey news and update guide, go here.

And you, dear readers, what do you particularly appreciate in the batch of new iOS 15.4?

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