The 5 best online social media training courses

The 5 best online social media training courses

Doing a social network training allows you to learn or improve your skills in the use of these essential media. The business creator, the marketing director or even the communication officer does not necessarily come from the generation of digital natives, in which case his initial training did not include modules dedicated to social networks.

Be that as it may, the growing development of these digital communication tools justifies updating regularly. Illustration: TikTok, launched in 2016, will climb to the top 5 of the most used mobile applications in the world by 2020: the company has an interest in training its employees to expand its business opportunities. It should be noted that distance professional training offers a teaching format adapted to current employees. The know-how is delivered online in a few hours, a summary of the fundamentals focused on putting it into practice to be operational immediately. While many business lines benefit from the use of social networks, it is primarily the community manager who has the expertise in this area and who masters the issues. His role is not only to animate the community and guarantee the online brand reputation, but also to manage the acquisition and conversion strategy on social networks, from its implementation to the analysis of key indicators. performance. Community manager, but also entrepreneur, SMO consultant or even digital marketing manager: zoom on the 5 best online social network training courses, to quickly build skills.

HubSpot Academy Social Media Training

HubSpot Academy

A world leader in online training for inbound marketing, sales and customer service, HubSpot Academy delivers certification on the marketing use of Social Media. The training is delivered remotely by experienced specialists, through 39 videos with a total duration of approximately four and a half hours. Among the 8 modules of the Social Media Marketing training, strategic topics related to audience retention and customer acquisition are covered in depth. Practically oriented, the training also teaches effective content creation techniques, best practices in digital advertising and methods for measuring ROI on social networks. To test themselves in a fun way, the professional has access to nearly 30 online quizzes.

Benefits of HubSpot Academy social media training:

  • The price: the training is completely free, the professional is content to provide his contact details for sending access to the online courses.
  • At the end of the online training, the professional obtains a globally recognized certification.
  • The duration of the training, of only a few hours, allows the professional already familiar with the use of social networks to access a concentrate of new knowledge, without wasting time.
  • Video lessons are available in French and English.
  • HubSpot Academy offers a comprehensive catalog of marketing, certification, free and distance learning courses.
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LiveMentor Social Media Training

Live MentorLiveMentor is a professional training organization dedicated to entrepreneurs looking for advanced skills when launching or developing their business. Her social media training teaches effective communication techniques to increase brand visibility and engagement on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. From the creation of the strategy to the analysis of performance, the courses, given remotely on video support, cover all the basic subjects.

LiveMentor Training Features:

  • The cost of the training is €1,500. However, subject to eligibility conditions, the professional can obtain public funding. LiveMentor also provides access to some free courses by email, such as “Getting started on YouTube and making your project resonate”.
  • At the end of a month of training, the professional who passes the exam receives a certification.
  • The professional benefits from personalized support by videoconference, by a mentor who is an expert in social networks.

The Social Networks training of L’École Française

The French School
Training Social networks of the French School discusses the prerequisites for community management, and teaches strategic techniques for publishing and promoting digital content. The professional learns concretely how to create editorial as well as visuals adapted to social networks. The training also familiarizes the professional with the challenges of the profession of influencer to enable him to establish promising collaborations. The program includes 4 parts, including 3 specific modules dedicated respectively to LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat.

The specificities of distance learning at the French School:

  • The French School offers different formulas depending on the level of support, from €699. The training is eligible for CPF or Pôle Emploi funding.
  • The course materials are accessible via an online platform, to allow professionals to train at home at their own pace.
  • The teaching, designed to adapt to a beginner level, takes up the essential bases useful for the animation of social networks.
  • At the end of the 4-week course, the professional receives a training certificate. Note that it is possible to continue the course until obtaining the certification “Promote the activity of a company on the Internet”. For this, 8 additional weeks are necessary.
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Cegos social media training

cegosThe professional and continuous training organization Cegos offers two social media training courses, depending on the level:
  1. The fundamentals of digital and social networks: intended for beginners, the program addresses new digital uses and familiarizes with the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  2. Digital communication strategy on social media: intended for the community manager, the digital communication manager or even the press officer, this advanced training teaches how to develop a strategy on social networks and to measure the impact of actions. A further module is dedicated to opportunities related to collaboration with bloggers and influencers.

The strengths of Cegos training:

  • Financing solutions make it possible to pay all or part of the price of the training, which amounts to €1,460 excluding tax.
  • The courses open the right to pass the DiGiTT certificate.
  • The professional has the choice of following the courses remotely or face-to-face, at the premises in Paris, Bordeaux, Rennes, Lille or even Lyon.
  • The short duration of the training, lasting only 2 days, is adapted to the professional’s schedule.

Tailor-made training from La Fabrique to Clients

The Customer FactoryLa Fabrique à Clients, specialized in the field of digital marketing, offers books on this subject as well as training courses for professionals. Among these training courses, accessible online, is a program dedicated to learning and improving the profession of community manager. The social media training addresses all business aspects, from strategy to implementation. The program adapts to the objectives of various profiles:
  • The multi-hat business creator who needs to train in community management.
  • The community manager looking for an international certification to establish his expertise.
  • The marketing director who wants to improve his team’s skills.

The advantages of the Customer Factory:

  • The training is paid for, from €790 to €1,190 depending on the formula, but opens the right to full financing under certain conditions.
  • The professional speaks with a dedicated contact to build a tailor-made formula according to his objectives.
  • A dedicated tutor accompanies the professional throughout his career, in the form of coaching.
  • Online courses remain accessible for an unlimited period.

HubSpot Community

To take your strategy a step further, download the Social Media Editorial Calendar Template.

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