The 5 best-selling albums by Luis Miguel

The 5 best-selling albums by Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel was defined in 2011 as “the best Latin artist of the last 25 years” by Billboard Magazine and this is just one of the definitions that this man received, in charge of selling millions of records worldwide.

Some of these releases were the most successful due to their level of marketing and the hits they contained, according to a compilation made by the El Comercio media outlet.

Released in 1991, it is the best-selling album by Marcela Basteri’s son with 13 million copies. A notable feature of this material is that it was produced by Armando Manzanero, one of the most important composers in Latin America, and some of the songs included are: “No se Tú”, “Contigo en la Distancia” and “Unforgettable”.

As a kind of tribute to the country that sheltered him since he was a child, he launched this special made up of rancheras, a genre in which he was encouraged to venture for the first time. It was published in 2004 and won two Grammy Awards thanks to its catchy songs like “Que seas Feliz” and “Échame a Mi la Culpa”. It sold nine million copies.

With almost eight million sales and a name similar to his first release, Aracely Arámbula’s ex once again trusted Manzanero to record this album, although now Bebu Silvetti has joined the production. It was published in 1997 and a year later the artist was already enjoying a Grammy award that he received in the category of Best Latin Pop Album. “Underneath the Table” is the best-known theme of this material.

With 7,500,000 copies sold, Latino fans found successful and melancholy songs on the album such as “Fría Como el Viento”, “Guilty or No” and “La Incondicional”. The record company in charge of its marketing was WEA Latina, which chose its release to be on November 25, 1988.

This material is one of Luis Miguel’s best known by the public and despite the fact that fewer copies were sold than the others (4 million 300 thousand) it contained classics that continue to be heard on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify to this day. Some of these are: “Dream”, “Give me”, “How is it possible that my side” and “That you leave”.

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