The 5 musical successes of Nathanael Cano

The 5 musical successes of Nathanael Cano

Natanael Rubén Cano Monge, better known as Natanael Cano, is a young Mexican artist who has stepped strong with his music, conquering different stages in his country.

The regional Mexican rapper and singer-songwriter is famous for creating the concept of “Corridos Tumbados”, a name he used for one of his albums. His music fuses genres such as corrido, trap, hip hop and sierreño-banda.

Here are his five most successful songs, based on views on YouTube.

With more than 5 million views, “Estrellas” is positioned as one of the most listened to songs by Natanael Cano. It is part of the musician’s new album called “NataKong” released in 2022.

“Porte Exuberante” has 74 million views on YouTube. It is a song that has the collaboration of Oscar Maydon. This composition is part of the album “A mis 20” released in 2021.

“Amor Tumbado” is probably one of Natanael Cano’s most famous songs. On YouTube it has 82 million views and was very famous, since it had a collaboration with Alejandro Fernández.

With more than 139 million views on YouTube, “Arriba” is positioned as one of the most popular video clips of the rapper from Hermosillo. The song was composed by Nathanael Cano and Ed Maverick.

152 million reproductions has the official video clip of “El Drip”. “Put me a little glass in my hand, my body feels tired already, smoking I’m relaxed and the party won’t stop. Supreme, the clothes and the clique don’t make me watery. The ounces are invited and pure weed that is medicinal. Don’t get me down, better have a dance with the girl over there,” reads the first part of the song.

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