The 5 urban artists who earn the most per concert

The 5 urban artists who earn the most per concert

There is no doubt that the world of music is one of the areas that generates the most money and an example of this are some urban artists, who considerably increase their fortunes thanks to the fact that they are the best paid per concert.

Considered the “King of Reggaeton”, the Puerto Rican would receive around a million dollars per presentation, according to El Tiempo. Despite the fact that he recently announced his retirement from music, the interpreter of “Gasolina” continues to fill every place where he appears, regardless of the country where he is. In Spotify, in addition, his listeners already exceed 36 million.

The artist born in the United States but who managed to forge his career mainly in Latin America, earns $750,000 each time he performs in front of his audience. The also composer dedicated himself mainly to trap in his beginnings, although he later adapted to the requirements of listeners, of which more than 21 million listen to him on YouTube.

The “Bad Rabbit” takes 500 thousand dollars with each show and according to what he himself told several times, he spends several months preparing them because he wants his followers to live a real party. In addition to his catchy songs, the Puerto Rican managed to conquer everyone with his feminist messages and in support of women and the LGBT community.

The Colombian charges the same as Bad Bunny, 500 thousand dollars, for his live performances. This young man, who recently confronted Resident through controversial messages, is 37 years old and in 2007 he began to become known in the world of rap. He then released the hit “Ay Vamos” and with it he managed to reach the top of lists like Billboard for several weeks.

The man whom the Brazilian singer Anitta acknowledged loving to this day, charges 300 thousand dollars and although he is the one who receives the least money, it is undoubtedly a high amount. Maluma was born in Medellin and it was on Colombian television where she made some appearances seeking fame, which finally came in 2011.

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