The 5G of the next iPhone will be signed by Qualcomm

Free 5G

According to new information signed Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would struggle to design its own 5G modem for mobile. The firm would therefore have chosen to trust a third-party founder for this component; Qualcomm. In a few years, this manufacturer has become a reference on the market, in particular thanks to the very powerful processors found in smartphones running Android.

This time it’s the iPhones planned for the second half of 2023 who are concerned. Their name remains unknown, but we can safely evoke a top-of-the-range quartet such as the one expected for next September. These will not be the first models equipped with 5G; others like the third generation iPhone SE or the iPhone 13 are already.

A very juicy contract

According to Kuo, Qualcomm will be responsible for designing all the chips 5G of the series in question, against a market share of 20% previously. Something to reassure investors, some of whom are worried about seeing the mobile sector lose speed, particularly in China. The total amount of the order, however, has not been confirmed, but is expected to be in the millions of dollars.

The analyst of TFI Securities goes even further and estimates that the predictions of specialists in terms of income could be exceeded by Qualcomm by the beginning of 2024. So much so that this success would be enough to face the loss of its major customer, Apple, when he will have succeeded in developing his own alternative. As a reminder, the apple brand also imagines its own motherboards with the Apple silicon program, dedicated not only to iPhones and iPads but also to Macs since 2020.

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What’s new ?

Qualcomm has not indicated which technology will be favored for these future modems. However, we can expect a certain speed, streaming having become the norm with heavy downloading needs. Ditto for video games, with, for example, titles with unlimited access via Apple Arcade (4.99 euros per month).

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