The 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency [Infographie]

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SEOs can be compared with the Disney dwarfs, in what they emit most noble: hardworking workers proud of their profession who work tirelessly to find rough diamonds in every corner of the mine … or the web ( sometimes even whistling).

A very diverse discipline, SEO encourages all professionals who devote themselves to it to apply their philosophy and their personality to the web strategies they lead. Without any magic potion or ready-to-use spell, a SEO must capitalize on his qualities to bring his “touch” to a project and see the traffic take off permanently. The diversity of profiles found in an SEO agency, above all, allows you to find the ideal candidate for each project. However, they all share one idea: to seduce the beautiful, sweet and bewitching Snow White (the name of Google in Disney jargon).

Discover the 7 SEO agency profiles. Who knows, you might be familiar with some of them… you might even be this “dwarf”!

1. Prof

Defaults : Although he is an expert on theory, Prof has a hard time translating his ideas into concrete actions in a specific context. He often lacks pragmatism in his job as an SEO and adaptability to the realities on the ground.

Qualities : As a wise man, he is a follower of the day before: he is always on the lookout for new concepts and the latest trends. Prof knows how to thrill his interlocutors. We often follow his ideas and recommendations (when we understand them!)

Ideal candidate to guide strategies and give long-term SEO visions

In short, it is theorist.

Preferred tool : Power point


2. Grumpy

Defaults : Grumpy does not know how to compromise in the application of its recommendations. He wants everything to be done within the framework that he has defined without concession … sometimes at the risk of being squeezed out of the decision-making phases of the web project on which he is working.

Qualities : Grumpy knows how to check and “accept” the implementation of his recommendations. He reminds each of his interlocutors, marketing, communication, development or management departments, the importance of SEO in a company’s digital strategy.

Ideal candidate to boost SEO (and no longer be the 5th wheel of Cinderella’s carriage)

In short, it is tenacious.

Preferred tool : Agile project management tool

The 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency [Infographie]

3. Sleeper

Defaults : Sleeper sometimes forgets to watch, listen to his peers and follow the various Google updates.

Qualities : Patient and diligent, he knows that natural referencing often takes a long time. He is perfectly capable of taking a step back as far as the results of his actions are concerned.

Ideal candidate to stay the course of its SEO orientations in very competitive contexts and where it might be tempting to take unmeasured risks and use black hat SEO techniques.

In short, it is patient.

Preferred tool : Competitive analysis and positioning monitoring tools

The 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency [Infographie]

4. Sneeze

Defaults : Atchoum gesticulates in all directions and changes directions, concepts and strategies very regularly. He can’t seem to calm his bubbling profile.

Qualities : Curious and determined, he constantly questions his strategies, his actions and more generally his convictions on the inexact science of web referencing. He turns out to be a pioneer in his profession.

Ideal candidate to explore emerging niche markets, to intervene with a startup and quickly adapt its strategy according to constraints and opportunities

In short, it is Explorer.

Preferred tool : Any Beta feature of an SEO tool

The 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency [Infographie]

5. Dumb

Defaults : He has difficulties to dream when conceptualizing his SEO strategies and recommendations. Sometimes lacking in pedagogy, he goes straight to the point, forgetting to explain and cover his ideas for the most attractive.

Qualities : At a glance, he will immediately see the basic optimizations on your website. Adept at SEO “Quick Wins”, he often achieves his goals and presents good performances.

Ideal candidate to highlight the obvious that you had not seen and use common sense to bring the most results against the binary evaluation of Google robots.

In short, it is pragmatic.

Preferred tool : The bible “Succeeding your web referencing” by Olivier Andrieu

The 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency [Infographie]

6. Shy

Defaults : He is afraid to try because he does not want to do without a perfect mastery or knowledge. Shy tends to restrict himself, close doors and therefore open opportunities.

Qualities : It sets up measurement and analysis tools, data enriches its strategies and facilitates decision-making. He is measured, wise and balanced.

Ideal candidate to make arbitrations and prioritize choices in the application of the SEO strategy in sensitive contexts.

In short, it is analytic.

Preferred tool : Google Data Studio

The 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency [Infographie]

7. Happy

Defaults : Joyeux disperses quite easily and does not take out of place. Excessively enthusiastic, he has difficulty distinguishing what is important and what is less in his SEO projects.

Qualities : He brings motivation within a team to get things done thanks to his communicative joy and his perpetual enthusiasm. He has no problem mobilizing the various trades, partners and interlocutors.

Ideal candidate to lead a large-scale project from A to Z (site creation or redesign, product launch, etc.) by mobilizing all stakeholders and putting SEO at the heart of the project

In short, it is enticing.

Preferred tool : Collaborative platforms (and smileys)

The 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency [Infographie]

Sharing infographic appreciated, Mandatory Credit

Infographic: The “7 dwarfs” of an SEO agency

Infographic presenting the 7 dwarfs of an SEO agency

7/7, the count is good! There you go, all (precious) profiles found in an SEO agency ! So obviously, an SEO is never as cartoonish as the portraits depicted in this article. More complex and nuanced, an SEO expert brings together some of these profiles, including qualities and defects, with perhaps one or two dominant ones. Thus, everyone can effectively manage the natural referencing of a site, despite the constraints and obstacles!

Faced with Google (or rather the beautiful Snow White), we are all dwarfs seeking to seduce him / her by all possible techniques and means. If we are certainly lacking in size, we know how to compensate with desire, technique and common sense!

So, which SEO expert are you? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments!

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