The 8 Best Dashboard Builder Software

The 8 Best Dashboard Builder Software

Dashboard software is an essential management tool in business. The data collected by the company’s various departments is uploaded in real time to the platform, which processes it automatically. The interface then displays the key indicators in a very visual way, in the form of graphical representations. Decision makers thus have access to all the strategic information, consolidated in the form of performance reports to be distributed to the employees concerned.

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To choose the best software for creating dashboards, adapted to its needs, the company attaches itself to the criteria of ergonomics, interactivity and intuitiveness. The business intelligence solution must indeed be agile, collaborative and easy to use. The level of data security is also a selection criterion to be taken into account: the user must be able to configure the access rights in a personalized way. Finally, it is important to check the scope of functionality as well as the native integrations offered by the publisher. The price of the dashboard creation software, of course, helps narrow the selection.

What is the purpose of a dashboard for a company?

The dashboard uses business intelligence technologies to centralize company data, calculate metrics and KPIs, and display information on a graphical interface. Data is a valuable asset for the company, which has every interest in exploiting it to improve performance: the dashboard facilitates and accelerates the exploitation of data thanks to its collection and analysis functionalities.

From a pragmatic point of view, the objective of the dashboard for the company is twofold:

  • Monitoring: the company’s management positions have permanent access to real-time data, and the dashboard offers an alert notification system by e-mail. In the event of an anomaly, the company reacts without delay to correct it or prevent a risk.
  • Strategic decision-making: the tool measures the performance of the company at different levels, finance, marketing or even sales. Analyzing KPIs improves productivity, service by service.

The dashboard is an essential support for organizational purposes, from the point of view of overall strategy but also in the context of individual project monitoring. Centralization, automation and visualization: the functionalities of the tool make it possible to handle the data in the best conditions of agility. Illustration: the Google Analytics dashboard, reserved for the collection and analysis of website traffic and audience data, displays the bounce rate in real time, among other KPIs; the marketing team observes the evolution of the rate over time to assess the effectiveness of its digital strategy, and continuously improve it on the basis of clear, reliable and actionable information; the company exports and shares the report to a potential partner to sell them a sponsored link.

HubSpot dashboard and KPI software

Sales, marketing, customer relations and website: HubSpot’s dashboard and KPI software aggregates data from many strategic departments of the company.

hubspot dashboard software

The notable advantages of the tool:

  • A very readable interface: the attractive visual makes it easy to read and interpret the key performance indicators. Diagrams, curves and tables present metrics and statistics in the form of reports understandable at a glance, and usable in a few clicks.
  • Extensive collection and detailed analysis: table of advertising expenses, e-mailing campaign results, customer acquisition cost, sales forecasts or even web traffic data, the software centralizes a large amount of information. The company offers itself a global vision for optimal control and easy handling of data.
  • Data protection: the user individually sets the access rights for each dashboard, authorizing only the employees concerned to consult and share the information.

The price: The dashboard software is available for free in HubSpot. From €41 per month, the company has access to advanced features.

Zoho Analytics Business Intelligence Platform

Analytics is the dashboard solution from software publisher Zoho.

zoho dashboard software

Among the key features of the platform:

  • Numerous connectors and simple integrations: Excel, SurveyMonkey, Dropbox, HubSpot CRM or WooCommerce, Zoho’s software collects data from 250 sources and merges them to generate comprehensive performance reports.
  • An AI-powered assistant: the platform makes it possible to anticipate trends, automate strategic intelligence, configure smart alerts and even perform predictive analyses.
  • A collaborative SaaS tool: the software hosted in the cloud is accessible from any terminal, at any time, and updates automatically, an internet connection is sufficient. Dashboards can be exported and shared, in compliance with the access rights configured upstream.
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The price: after a 15-day free trial, the dashboard creation software is available from €24 per month for the basic subscription.

The DigDash Analytics Dashboard Solution

DigDash presents itself as the agile business intelligence solution for the banking, retail and transport sectors.

DigDash dashboard software

The strengths of the DigDash dashboard software:

  • A platform dedicated to business users: each department of the company has the dashboards it needs, and on which it works in complete autonomy. The editor also proposes to develop the functionalities according to the needs of the user.
  • Customizable dashboards: the user modifies the appearance of the graphic theme and chooses the modules to display, to optimize the readability of the performance reports in a personalized way.
  • The integration of numerous applications: Trello, LinkedIn or even Plezi, the software brings up data from a large number of sources.

The price is communicated on request.

Tableau, BI and Analytics solution

The Tableau analytics platform brings data together and displays it as graphs in multiple formats for analysis by analysts, IT, and executives. Tableau is developed by publisher Salesforce.

Tableau dashboard software

Recent developments in Tableau software:

  • A workbook optimization tool: the user is supported in his experience of creating dashboards. Relevant actions are suggested to improve the performance of its workbooks.
  • An intelligent search engine: the user navigates more easily in the software, and quickly finds the desired results.
  • An expression creator: new buttons improve the user experience, for optimal support in getting started with the software and easier use of data.

Price: Monthly subscription starts at $70 per user.

Ganacos, SaaS software to drive performance

Software labeled French Tech, the SaaS Ganacos platform supports the company in managing its daily activity, based on dashboards focused on planning.

Ganacos dashboard software

The advantages of the Ganacos dashboard solution:

  • Supply planning and sales forecasting: Powerful algorithms rely on historical operating data to reliably estimate forecasts. The company thus controls its stocks and cash to better manage its logistics.
  • Financial planning: based on the financial reporting, the company establishes alternative scenarios to base its strategic decisions. The budget forecast gains in precision and performance.

The price: free demonstration, price on request.

MyReport, the decision support tool dedicated to SMEs

The MyReport solution automates the centralization of data, their analysis and the design of dashboards.

MyReport dashboard software

The advantages of MyReport:

  • An extensive range of connectors: data can be collected, in real time, from many business applications such as ERP, CRM or accounting software.
  • Ease of use: dashboards and KPIs are generated automatically, and the user produces the reports of his choice on this basis. The information is returned in Excel, for easier use.
  • A collaborative tool: the user determines the frequency of creation of the report as well as its recipients. Dashboards can also be shared automatically, or manually, to authorized people.
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The price: the company can request a free personalized demonstration, and obtains the prices on request. project management software

Dedicated to project management, the platform comes in the form of a fun and very understandable interface. dashboard software

The distinctive features of

  • Exhaustive data by project: for each project, the user visualizes the level of progress and the deadline, the constitution of the team, the tasks to be carried out as well as the collaborators assigned, but also the level of customer satisfaction and the revenue generated. The dashboard thus streamlines the organization while highlighting the relevant quantified indicators.
  • Importing files: the files useful for project management are stored directly in the dashboard software, to access them as soon as necessary.
  • A large catalog of integrations: the tool connects to the tools already in place in the company to enrich the knowledge of the project team. MailChimp, HubSpot, Zoom or even Shopify: the data goes up in the dashboards to be exploited.

The price: free for up to two users, the software offers advanced features from €8 per user per month.

QuickBooks financial dashboard software

Specialized in accounting and invoicing, the QuickBooks dashboard software focuses on business finances, in B2B or B2C. Craftsmen, merchants and e-merchants or even liberal professions: the entrepreneur relies on reliable dashboards to manage his cash flow and investments.

QuickBooks dashboard software

QuickBooks Dashboards:

  • Monitoring of payments in real time: the software is connected to the bank account to inform upon receipt of a customer payment. Alerts can be configured to notify unpaid bills.
  • The cash flow forecast: the software produces the forecast in the form of a dashboard, to help the entrepreneur in making strategic decisions.
  • Accounting and financial monitoring: the entrepreneur watches over his finances thanks to an intuitive dashboard.

The price: from €5 excluding VAT per month for the self-employed and micro-enterprises.

To go further, use the dashboard and KPI software from HubSpot and cCreate automated dashboards and reports, and track key performance indicators, or KPIs, to assess and improve the effectiveness of your teams.Bottom-CTA: KPI table

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