The 8 best presentation slideshow software

The 8 best presentation slideshow software

Presentation slideshow software is a computer-assisted presentation tool, a technique designated by the acronym PréAO and popularized by PowerPoint software since 1987. Its use is very widespread in companies, to animate a meeting, a conference or even a seminar. .

> Download these templates to quickly create your own infographics” class=”gh-styles-m__figureContainer-image” src=”” title=””/> The presentation slideshow software first allows you to create the slideshow. The more intuitive the software, the easier it is to learn: the user, whatever his level of computer skills, is then able to use all the features offered by the tool, quickly and efficiently. Intuitiveness is therefore an essential criterion when choosing your software. The presentation slideshow software then makes it possible to present the slideshow to the audience, which consists of customers, a team of collaborators or even investors. To capture attention, the visual rendering must be both original and qualitative, and the slides must follow one another dynamically. For this purpose, the best presentation slideshow software comes with extensive features. When the presentation takes place during a remote meeting, in addition, it is necessary to ensure the compatibility of the software with the devices used by the audience. Compatibility is also a criterion of choice when the slideshow is intended to be shared at the end of its presentation. The price, of course, also guides the choice of company. Zoom in on 8 high-performance presentation slideshow software.

Power point

Microsoft PowerPoint is the best known tool, it continues to be cited in all the rankings of the best presentation slideshow software every year. This tool is widely used from higher education, and this represents an asset for the company: employees are already familiar with its operation. Note that PowerPoint is compatible with all devices, regardless of the operating system.

Microsoft is constantly improving its software as new technologies develop. PowerPoint allows you to insert 3D objects, and to enhance project presentations with animations from a vast library of content. The user can also make collaborative use of the software: the tracking of modifications secures the work of several editions.

The price: PowerPoint is included in the Office Pack of Microsoft’s office suite. The Microsoft 365 Business subscription is available from €4.20 excluding VAT per user and per month.

If you are looking for tips for a successful Powerpoint presentation, take a look at our dedicated article.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a free tool for creating presentation slideshows. Benefits of using Google Slides:

  • The contents of the library, themes, animations or even videos, are totally free.
  • The user accesses and modifies his creations from all media: computer, tablet or even smartphone.
  • The software is collaborative: the work can be done simultaneously, and the tool keeps the history of modifications.
  • Google Slides presentations can be converted to PowerPoint format, and vice versa.
  • The author of the creation can present his work easily, without having to plug in, thanks to wireless technologies such as AirPlay.
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Prezi is a presentation slideshow software that stands out for its interactive nature. Unlike traditional tools that present a succession of slides, Prezi offers a blank canvas on which the user adds and deletes his content over the course of his live presentation. The user can also interact with his visuals displayed on the screen: the video functionality makes the user appear within the slide show. Either host their presentation live or record it for sharing or streaming later.

The price: Prezi is accessible in companies from €10 excluding tax per month. A free trial verifies that the presentation slideshow software is suitable for the intended use.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show presentation slideshow software stands out for the following highlights:

  • An intuitive user interface: each employee uses the software without difficulty.
  • Many supporting templates: the tool offers a comprehensive library, for professional-level presentations. The templates are designed for business presentations, sales reports or marketing reports.
  • Zoho Show is collaborative: creative work can be done as a team. Collaboration is aided by pop-up comments and live notifications features.
  • The presentation slideshow software offers excellent compatibility: the user can import PowerPoint files, and can export their Zoho Show presentation in multiple formats.

The price: free trial, price on request.

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KeyNote is the presentation slideshow software included in Apple’s office suite. The application is available for free on Apple devices: Mac, iPad and iPhone. The collaborative tool is also compatible with the PC system: the user can work remotely with a collaborator not equipped with the iOS system. Note that in any case, PowerPoint files can be opened and edited in KeyNote, and vice versa. The KeyNote library includes:
  • 30 themes.
  • Over 30 transitions and effects.
  • More than 700 pictograms.

Apple’s free app allows the user to appear live during their presentation, and embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. Adding videos to slideshows helps energize the presentation. For ease of use, KeyNote is compatible with Apple Pencil: handwritten notes are automatically transcribed on the slideshow.


The Visme tool allows you to create static visuals such as infographics, content for social networks as well as animations and presentation slideshows. The software includes a rich library of professional themes and templates, categorized for easy searching. The user can work on his presentation in collaborative mode, and use the live messaging system to streamline remote work.

The price: Visme offers a free trial with no time limit, but the user does not benefit from the full functionality. The storage capacity and the library in addition are in restricted access. The “Business” subscription costs $29 per user per month.


SlideDog stands out from other presentation slideshow maker software. The concept is as follows: compile multiple files in their native format, to display a stream without interruption. SlideDog supports PowerPoint and Prezi presentations, as well as text, image and video files in all formats: PDF, Word, JPEG, Youtube or Excel. The software, in a way, configures a playlist which connects the different information media. The tool is also interactive: instant messaging and feedback features allow the audience to actively participate in the presentation.

The price: $19 per month with no commitment.


SlideBean is positioned as the platform for the automated creation of presentation slideshows, intended for startups in the project launch phase, particularly in the context of fundraising. The user is content to write his text and select his images: the tool automatically designs the presentation, a team of experts provides support if necessary. Choice of the appropriate typography, arrangement of visual elements or even addition of the best transitions: the final rendering is generated by the software. The user can then share the link of his presentation, then directly accessible online on all types of devices. SlideBean provides statistics to measure the impact of the presentation.

The price: free trial with limited functionality, paid version from $8 per month.

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