The 8K on iPhone 14 Pro may be a problem

iPhone 14 Pro concept

When the new iPhones are released around September, their rear cameras will likely be improved, as they often do. She could then perhaps shoot videos with 8K definition, which is not currently possible. Add to this the specifics of the format ProRes offered by Apple for very good image quality, and you end up with a file that may be very large.

Marques Brownlee (of the chain MKBHD), after classifying the iPhone 13 Pro as one of the most efficient cameras on the market, decided to look at this aspect of future mobiles by doing a quick calculation:

Too little memory?

Assuming the iPhone 14 Pro will be well endowed with a 48 megapixel lens as some rumors estimate, then it could ask for four times as much space to store movies. Indeed, the iPhone 13 Pro are currently limited to 12 megapixels, or four times less. Since the iPhone 13 Pro in 4K ProRes consumes 6 GB per minute, its successor would swallow some … 24 !

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With a 1TB model, we would therefore reach the end in less than an hour.

Words to qualify

In reality, while these numbers are realistic, users who will shoot 42 minutes in a row in 8K are likely to be counted on the fingers of one hand. Unless you absolutely want to make a long sequence shot, it will therefore suffice to extract a few rushes from time to time to remedy this possible drawback.

So certainly, contrary to what some videos may imply Shot on iPhone professional directors will continue to look to adequate material. But if you want to get started with ProRes and then broadcast your content on the big screen, no problem: just opt ​​for a lightning key for your iPhone. If however the eponymous port is well preserved by Apple …

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