The A15 processor, even more powerful than Apple claims

Apple A15

According to the latest keynote, the A15 CPU that powers Apple’s latest smartphones is 50% more efficient than its predecessor. It did not take more for some to address precisely the issue, including AnandTech. In its conclusions, the media reports having tested the capabilities of the chip, which according to it would be 65% more efficient: a significant difference.

This would be due to several internal changes, especially on the side of the architecture of the motherboard. The centerpiece is now made up of six cores, including two performance cores and four high energy efficiency cores. The Neural Engine, which uses artificial intelligence to solve system operations faster, has also been updated and is getting faster.

Better clock frequency

What is more, while the SoC A14 found in the fourth generation iPad Air is clocked at 2998 MHz, the A15 blithely exceeds 3000 MHz with more precisely 3.24 GHz on the counter. The information processing power has therefore been increased by 8%, which is not negligible on such a scale. A figure that even climbs to 10% by activating more hearts.

Still, the vast majority of consumers probably shouldn’t really realize the gap between the two monsters. Indeed, to do this, the specialists in the sector rely on tests carried out with detailed analysis apps that do not always behave like a typical user. What’s more, with still so much RAM under the hood, the iPhone 13 is still very close to the iPhone 12 in many ways.

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No more cache memory

Finally, we can also cite as a success factor the improvement of the cache memory which goes from 16 Mb previously to 32 Mb now. This theoretically means that the overall speed of iOS 15 will only be faster, as the measurements carried out to date demonstrate. Note also that the iPhone 13 Pro Max adds another string to its bow with graphics with an additional heart, against four for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

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