The absence of a SIM card confirmed by an additional rumor

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On Saturday, a crazy rumor assured that Apple could think of selling an iPhone without a SIM card slot, which did not fail to trigger many criticisms against the manufacturer. However, no other hallway noise has come to support these comments since, some even believing that we will not see such a device before anyway. 2023.

According to @LeaksApplePro, however, Apple has actually already started making tests on an iPhone of this ilk. It is impossible to know if the tests are taking place in Cupertino or in Asia, and therefore to deduce a timetable, but this source has already shared the dates of the next three keynotes and is therefore closely followed by some experts.

On the iPhone 14?

Apple seems rather focused on the production of the third iPhone SE at the moment, it is likely that this prototype is still limited to models in-house. The iPhone 13 having seen the light of day in September, we are still far from the next model but we know all the same that Apple has a habit of preparing its mobiles several months before their presentation.

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Next year, four iPhone 14s are expected: the “classic” iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch panel, declined in iPhone 14 “Max” (6.7 inches), in iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 ″) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7 ″). These details are also guesswork, but one thing is certain: clear differences will distinguish the “Pro” range from its smaller brothers, probably the 120 Hz screen and a better photo sensor. This is perhaps where the role of all-eSIM can also be played.

Late operators

Unfortunately, if in some countries this new standard is already a marvelous replacement for physical SIM cards, this is still far from being the case in France. Most consumers only use it for their second phone number, or they just don’t know about the existence of this system.

It must be said that it is not offered as a base by access providers. Orange, for example, asks its customers an activation fee of ten euros to take advantage of this “option“, While it does not ask him for any material investment. Will regulators have a say?

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