The administrator supports the management of Manolo Gaspar

El administrador respalda la gestión de Manolo Gaspar

José María Muñoz has supported these days the management carried out by Manolo Gaspar and the rest of the members of the sports management from Malaga. The season has not been much less good, quite the opposite. There have been big mistakes at all levels and with the championship about to end and permanence assured, they are days of reflection and self-criticism at La Rosaleda.

In one of the numerous meetings that department heads regularly hold at Martiricos, the judicial administrator and the highest sports official assessed the season and traced the path to follow with a view to the next exercise.

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Muñoz supported the work carried out in recent years by Gaspar and his team and he conveyed his trust. A very eventful summer awaits ahead, with many decisions to make and a high number of operations to undertake between outputs and inputs. Guede wants a voice and a vote in the planning and has already transmitted which players he has and which he does not.

That’s the way it is, Manolo Gaspar will continue to lead the blue and white sports project and will take on the challenge of trying to give Malaga a boost for another summer. The Argentine coach, who maintains a very fluid communication with the man from Palencia and that he also has very clear characteristics of the footballers who must call on at La Rosaleda this summer.

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