The AEK of Athens, a European outlet for Diego Lainez

El AEK de Atenas muestra interés en la cesión del extremo mexicano del Betis Diego Lainez, que prefiere no regresar a su país y quedarse en Europa.

The AEK of Athens has been interested in transfer of Diego Lainez, according to the Greek Press. His coach, the Argentine Matias Almeydahas trained in Mexico and knows the footballer well from Betis. Almeyda would be the best supporter of the Aztec winger, for whom the Verdiblancos will look for a way out this summer. If it is on loan, it would be necessary to renew it before or risk losing money even if it is revalued, Well, the contract ends in June of 2024.

Photo by Diego Lainez

It is complicated that no transfer proposal can satisfy the claims of a Betis that paid €14 million to America from Mexico in January 2019, for 80 percent of the player’s pass. If a team arrives with an offer of around 10 millionyes, in Heliopolis they would safely let a footballer who clearly does not count for Pellegrini.

already interested in the rescue of Lainez himself America of Mexico and in the North American country there are other clubs that aspire to have him, but the player prefers to follow in Europe. Although it will be necessary to check if he is convinced by the Hellenic league, which does not have a high level either. AEK will play next season the previous rounds of the Conference League.

Shield/Flag Betis

Diego is one of those less has played this season at Betis. just 440 minutes Distributed in 13 matches, in which he marked two goals, It is his balance between LaLiga, Copa del Rey and Europa League. Some numbers much lower than those of the previous season, in which he reached 1,143 minutes in 25 games.


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