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While the year 2020 was rocked by the pandemic, another major scandal was felt as a real earthquake in the world of new technologies. Indeed, Apple and the video game giant Epic Games opposed in a legal battle, but also in the media. The firm that owns the Fortnite game criticized Apple for being anti-competitive and forcing the firm to use Apple’s payment service for all purchases made via the App Store.

The big point of contention finally concerns Apple’s commission, 30% on each payment, which caused Epic Games to lose a real fortune while its mobile game brought in millions. In order to put an end to this situation, Epic Games therefore entered into a legal war with Apple.

Apple: not totally winning but satisfied

A battle that ended in a resounding trial, from which no one really came out a winner. Indeed, if Epic Games is often presented as the loser, since the firm had to compensate Apple, the Apple brand had an obligation to modify its App Store payment system, a way of giving reason to Epic Games on the bottom.

While a second trial should open on appeal shortly, the two companies have filed their opening files with the court which will be in charge of deciding the case. If Epic Games had already submitted its paper in January, Apple has just done so.

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In this case, the Cupertino company takes up and dismantles the arguments of Epic Games. According to Apple, there was no miscarriage of justice during the first trial, but Epic Games simply lacked evidence in its argument. Apple explains as follows: “Epic built its case on witnesses who lacked credibility”.

Apple and Epic: two opposing visions of the same lawsuit

Further on we can also read that Epic has never “succeeded in convincing” according to Apple, which ensures that the arguments put forward by the parent company of Fortnite are incorrect. Also according to Apple, the first court decision was the right one, and there is no reason for this appeal to thwart it.

As a reminder, Epic Games had assured the opposite in its file sent to the United States Court of Appeals. The brand had regretted a “miscarriage of justice” which would have saved Apple from the sanction. While both companies were unhappy with the verdict, Apple seems to be the party that got along better.

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