The Apple Card and its advantages are shown again on video

Apple Card

In the United States, the Apple Card makes it possible to pay for purchases by trusting the partnership that links the brand to the apple at Goldman Sachs. The concept is more or less the same as that of a classic credit card, except that here the integration with the iPhone is native. In short, you just have to pass your mobile near a payment terminal and its NFC chip takes care of the transaction.

In France, this accessory is however not yet available. We also wonder if Cupertino intends to one day extend the program to more regions, nothing solid on this subject having leaked for the moment. But if you live across the Atlantic and you speak the language of Shakespeare, then this new campaign to promote the product is for you:

Onboarding in two stages, three movements

As shown in the advertisement, it is very quick to register to receive your Apple Card (virtual at first). Indeed, it is enough for this to open the application Cards (formerly Wallet) and tap the shortcut to add an additional payment method. Then a button redirects to the link to request its own chip.

When the request is finally accepted, which only takes a few minutes, the publisher specifies that a credit limit of $5,000 is provided with its offer. For a relatively high annual rate, however, since it reaches the tidy sum of 18.99% at Uncle Sam.

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What alternatives in France?

In France, a large proportion of traditional banks are now compatible with the platform Apple Pay. Among them, we can mention La Banque Postale, Société Générale, N26 or even LCL and Crédit coopératif. For the complete updated list, see here.

To date, the features offered with the cards of these establishments are however far from what their headed counterpart offers. Indeed, here you will not be able for example to spread the payment of your iPhone in several instalments. Moreover, exit also the cash back and discounts on Mac purchases at the Apple Store.

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