The Apple ecosystem should be able to survive for a long time to come

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For the past few years, legendary American companies have been losing momentum, so much so that many of them have been dismantled from their superb sprawling network. This is the case, for example, with General Electric or even Siemens, two flagships of entrepreneurship which have not been able to take the latest technological turn and which, for various reasons, have had to divide in order to continue to reign.

While the financial health of these companies may have been so bad, many people see GAFAs as their successors. While the comparison is enough to stand up on many points, the Wall Street Journal assures that the Apple brand, like its rival Google, has a head start on the companies “of the old time”.

An interconnected ecosystem

Indeed, if Apple is now able to produce smartphones, tablets or even streaming, music and video services, the Cupertino company stands out from its elders thanks to its ecosystem. “All the brand’s products are interconnected”, explains Kim Wang, assistant professor at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University.

Another very important point according to him, the business model is not the same. If the giants of the past industry were based on production, and where the equation of profitability was solved by increasing the number of products put on sale, Apple, like other GAFAs, have learned from these mistakes and they are ‘rather orient towards’ economies of scale on the demand side’. In other words, Apple doesn’t try to produce for the sake of selling, they sell first, at full price, and then produce.

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According to various economists interviewed by the famous New York title, it is not difficult to imagine the “conglomerates” of companies around GAFAs lasting over time. The best example being Google, which today is the rallying point for many companies working in a wide variety of fields.

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