The Apple Watch Edition is gradually disappearing, in favor of the Apple Watch Pro?

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For the past few hours, it has been increasingly difficult to obtain an Apple Watch Edition. The luxury version of Apple’s latest connected watch is starting to be “unavailable” in a number of countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

If the phenomenon does not seem to have affected the French market yet, the watch being still available for buyers in France at the writing of these lines, nothing says that Apple does not change its tune within hours. who come. You can also check it quite simply by going to the online site of the apple brand at this address.

As far as the US market is concerned, Apple’s connected watch models are no longer available in 41mm, as the MacRumors news site tells us. According to the journalist behind this article, a few watches are still available in 45 mm, but stocks are very limited.

A drop in production in anticipation of the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 8, scheduled for September, would you say? Certainly the new connected watch from Apple will come to the fore and the supply chain of the brand to the apple is not extensible, the Cupertino company must make choices between the models they wish to put forward.

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An Apple Watch Pro in preparation?

But according to many analysts of the brand, this discreet withdrawal of the most high-end watch of this generation is the symbol of other things. As Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo, two well-known analysts when it comes to Apple, announced months ago, the Apple brand is preparing a new version of its connected watch.

Indeed, Apple is about to offer an Apple Watch “Pro” according to the statements of the two analysts, and the withdrawal of the Apple Watch Edition would therefore not be to prepare for the arrival of the Series 8, but of a new model about which we still know very little.

If for the moment all this information is only at the stage of rumors, we should know more very quickly, the date of Apple’s presentation keynote fast approaching.

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