The Apple Watch Series 7 is IP6X certified: what are the differences?

Apple Watch Series 7

During the presentation of its new connected watch Tuesday evening, Apple presented a surprising video where we can see a cyclist fall and collide his wearable against gravel without damaging its display. The reality is a little different. Admittedly, the Watch Series 7 is indeed resistant to scratches. On the one hand because it is protected thanks to Gorilla Glass from Corning, like the iPhone 13 and their Pro versions, but not only.

Indeed, the manufacturer adds that if the screen is so solid, it is also because it is certified IP6X. If the unknown here represents the watertightness of the beast (immersion up to fifty meters deep), the first number in fact represents the protection index against solids resulting from a standard all that there is of more official from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

A very good level, but not infallible

According to the scale of the IEC, this label means that the devices which are entitled to it are “totally protected[s] against dust“. In short, you can therefore without hesitation keep your Apple Watch Series 7 on your wrist at the beach, during a steep hike that could potentially cause falls or any other low-mess activity. But don’t expect to be able to seriously bang the watch against rocks: even tempered glass can fail in such conditions.

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However, it is obvious that the more athletic or those who adhere to crafts will probably be delighted with the IP6X certification. But will it be worth spending more than four hundred euros on a product that changes very little compared to its previous generation? Not so sure.

Protect your Series 7

In order to avoid any complications, we can therefore only advise you to equip yourself witha good protective film to cover the edge-to-edge screen of your Series 7. Unfortunately, there are no Apple stamps to date, but third-party brands may soon be offering them in official Cupertino stores. Nothing has been mentioned about this yet, however, and the Series 7 will not be available until later ”this autumn”According to its manufacturer.

However, some companies already offer accessories of this type in online stores such as Amazon. We already know that the case of the new watch goes from forty to forty-one millimeters high for the most compact, against forty-four to forty-five for the largest. Prices start at a few euros but can quickly climb when the material is more solid:

Buy a protective film for Series 7

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