The Apple Watch will be able to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease

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The FDA, Food and Drugs Administration, American has just given the right to a third application of the Apple Watch to diagnose the warning signs of Parkinson’s disease. Since the launch of the connected watch from Apple, the latter continues to surprise the world of medicine, which is in the process of making it a major ally.

Indeed, by being in constant contact with the patient (or potential patient), the Apple Watch has access to a quantity of medical data never before seen in the world of health. The heart rate, the oxygen level in the blood, everything is calculated in real time, and the oscillations of these rates are taken very seriously by Apple, which alerts the wearer of the watch.

Detecting Parkinson’s from almost nothing

In some cases, excessive oscillations of certain data, but also alerts due to falls or tremor can be early signs of Parkinson’s disease. Depending on the severity of each case, doctors can then dose the best treatment and get the better of the disease.

In order to be able to control all this data, Apple does not use its own services. Indeed, it is a third-party application that will collect and analyze the data, in order to then be able to transmit it to a doctor who will make a diagnosis and administer treatment or not.

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Rune Labs: Helping Doctors Find the Right Treatment

This application is called Rune Labs. According to its CEO Brian Pepin, the application uses the StrivePD system which sends a continuous flow of data to doctors. What make even easier the task of the practitioner who knows exactly what he has to do.

Also according to Pepin, this mass of data could help doctors have more context to make the best possible decisions. Treatments for Parkinson’s are designed to respond to a certain phase of the disease. However, the latter evolves over time, so having a daily follow-up of patients is a golden commodity for caregivers.

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