The application against Covid was able to prevent 600,000 infections

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While France has long been criticized for not wanting to use the digital protection systems offered by Apple and Google and use your own system “Stop Covid”, since renamed “TousAntiCovid”, these funds have yet proved their worth on the other side of the sleeve, and a recent study from the University of Oxford shows that these two APIs have prevented more than half a million contaminations on the British island.

Launched in September 2020, the English NHS (health service) application was deployed quickly and prevented a large number of contaminations. One of the causes of this success is explained by the fact that the English application was downloaded by a very large number of people from its launch, which made it possible to increase the efficiency of the latter. In the UK, the app has been installed in nearly 56% of the country’s phones, with over 20 million downloads making it the second most popular app of the year.

Apple and Google APIs are very efficient

According to a recent study from the University of Oxford, which puts forward this figure of 600,000 contaminations avoided by the application, 1% of the population who downloads the latter makes it possible to reduce by 2 to 3% the number of new people affected by the virus every day.

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A figure possible only by using the APIs of Apple or Google, the systems used by the applications specific to the governments, as we have in France, are them much less effective.

Because the British know it better than everyone else, they who have tried both systems. Indeed, the British government was willing to come up with its own application during the first wave of the epidemic. The latter did not have the APIs of the two tech giants, so it was very inefficient. The power in place therefore reacted to this glaring lack of results, and they decided to rely on the solutions proposed by Apple and Google to build their new application, which is much more efficient.

A solution that was not chosen in France, the government remaining on its own operating model for the two applications, Stop Covid and AllAntiCovid, with more than mixed results for the first.

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