the Belkin accessory shows itself (video)

Continuité de la caméra

Often, third-party accessory manufacturers like to send their products to influencers to get early feedback and quickly reach a large enough audience. This is what Belkin has offered in recent days, offering some to test its magnet MagSafe dedicated to the Continuity camera functionality. This allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam, “replacing” that of your MacBook.

For the moment, it is not yet known when this article will be marketed. We know, however, that macOS Ventura will be available in final version this fallat the same time as iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see Belkin announced as an official partner by Apple at a conference, likely slated for September.

How it works ?

As can be seen in these videos, all you really need to do is clip Belkin’s little frame to the top of your screen and a popup window will open in macOS. This one offers to use your iPhone “like a webcam“, taking advantage of several advantages of choice such as Centered framePortrait mode or Desk View.

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For the synchronization to go smoothly, it is necessary to connect your iPhone and your MacBook to the same Wi-Fi network through the same Apple ID. Many mobile models are announced as compatible, such as the iPhone 13 Pro or the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The cheaper editions are not left out, since the third generation iPhone SE are also mentioned.

Better rendering than with the Mac

Using Camera Continuity for your video calls will allow you to take advantage of a wide-angle lens that your computer doesn’t naturally have. This can be very handy when several people join a meeting with FaceTime, or when you need to share documents with desk-view. The option, which can be triggered in one click from the macOS menu bar, widens the field of vision in order to film your desk and your hands. Thus, your interlocutors can for example read your notes live in order to check that you write no error.

 - Official App
– Official App

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