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The best educational sites for teaching English to children


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To teach English to children, there are different methods that can make learning easier even for the little ones. In particular, there are educational sites designed to teach languages ​​to children, various online resources, including games and quizzes on various subjects.

Would you like to discover the best resources for teaching English to your children? Here are the most interesting educational sites for us.

Our favorite educational sites for teaching languages ​​to the youngest

Thanks to the various educational sites that we present to you, your children will be able to continue learning the English language from home, and at any time. These could be the perfect activities to keep them busy on weekends and vacations, so as to help them make quick progress, and without the hassle!

All of these sites offer learning methods adapted to the youngest. A unique pedagogy allows your children to discover English through games or different exercises developed by qualified professionals. Here are some platforms that offer learning English for children:

1. Online courses on Preply

Preply is a platform that offers online courses for all levels, given by qualified teachers. These private lessons are perfect for teach kids english onlineeven from an early age. Thanks to native teachers, your children will be able to make rapid progress, and in particular work on their accent during lessons given via webcam.

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A tailor-made support awaits them, whether in English, but also in all the languages ​​of your choice, from Japanese to Italian. Teaching English to children has never been easier!

2. SpeakyPlanet

SpeakyPlanet is a website that offers learning English to children from 4 to 12 years old. You will find many games there, which allow your children to learn English at their own pace while having fun. These games help to improve the oral comprehension of the little ones, they capture their attention and facilitate the memorization of the English vocabulary words encountered.

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Thanks to this technique, your children will be able to learn on their own, while allowing you to go about your own business! In total, the games available on the platform include more than 3,800 English words of varying complexity.

3. The British Council website

You can also take advantage of the educational materials available on the British Council website to teach English to your children. Classes are available for kindergarten, elementary, and even secondary school students.

And to revise at home, consider discovering their youtube channel ! It contains content made for children, whether it is songs in English that will help them work on their ears, or real stories to learn without feeling like it. These resources are free to access and will allow your children to have a good time, while developing their knowledge of the English language.

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4. Lingokids

Lingokids is an application that you can download directly to your mobile phone or tablet. It offers children over 600 games, video lessons and audio books to help them learn English quickly and easily. You will also find games that allow you to play with the family, as well as songs that your children will learn by heart, and which will help them practice the pronunciation of English words.

The application is particularly suitable for children from 2 to 8 years old. It could also be a very good occupation for your children during your long car journeys!

5. Duolingo

Sure Duolingo, both adults and children can learn the language of their choice, be it Spanish, German, or in our case, English. Lessons are tailored to individual learning needs, and online exercises allow kids to progress quickly at any age.

In addition, when your children reach a higher level, a reward is offered to them! Enough to help them stay motivated in learning. In total, more than 5.66 million people decide to learn English on Duolingo. Why not your children?

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6. Hellokids

You don’t know the site yet Hellokids ? This is once again a platform specializing in children’s learning. Entirely in English, your children will have to find the categories of games that interest them, whether it is coloring pages to print, memo games, various quizzes or even crosswords to make from words from English vocabulary.

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These simple exercises will help them work on their English in a good mood, and all members of the family can also participate in the games offered!

Learn English for Kids on YouTube

Another idea for learning English for children, use the YouTube platform! There you will find many resources, especially in English, to present to your children for an optimal understanding of the language of Shakespeare.

For example, you can find contines and songs in English, which your children could quickly learn to sing at the top of their lungs. And for continuous learning, the series Martha speaks could be particularly suitable. It will take your children to discover the most used English vocabulary words!

So, which educational site will you decide to turn to to teach your children English?



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