The Best SEO Tools for Freelancers

All SEO freelancers need specific tools to work properly, and to carry out client projects. You will find in this article a list of the best tools to use.

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The importance of tools for an SEO freelancer

Tools are essential for all freelancers, but especially for SEO freelancers, who must use dedicated software to their discipline. They also allow them to better organize themselves between their different projects.

So let’s take a closer look at what aspects these tools can be useful for:

The advantages for a freelancer of working with tools:

Being organized in its client projects

Keeping the thread between all his clients and the progress of projects is not always easy for a freelancer, especially when you’re just starting out.

The use of specific tools allows better organization, both for the freelancer and for his clients. Thus, everyone can access their project quickly and easily to see its evolution. It also avoids forgetting certain tasks or missing deadlines.

Obtain valuable SEO data

In order to provide quality services to customers, an SEO freelancer must have access to data which allow him to know the situation of a site on the web. This data makes it possible in particular to know the position of this site in the search engines for certain keywords, or to know its number of visitors.

The data obtained concerns in particular the SEO traffic of a site, its number of backlinks or the quality of its referring domains.

Manage administration and accounting

An SEO freelancer is by definition self-employed. He must therefore take care of the administrative and financial management of his activity, in addition to carrying out his missions with customers.

To make it easier for him, he can use specific tools which support the management of invoices, payments or project estimates.

List of the best tools for SEO freelancers:


SEMrush software

Semrush is clearly the essential tool for all SEO freelancers. It is a software that offers many features, such as the possibility of carrying out an audit of a site, or analyzing the competition.

Concretely, all SEOs open this tool several times a day to analyze competitor or customer sites from a natural referencing point of view.

PS: if your budget is limited, do not hesitate to consult the article on alternatives to SEMrush.


henrri billing

If you are wondering how to easily manage your quotes and invoices, we advise you to turn to the tool Henry. This software, developed specifically for freelancers, allows you to quickly and easily create quotes, invoices and manage the administrative part of your activity.

The platform’s interface is made to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are not very familiar with accounting.


zenkit tool

Zenkit is a tool that will be very useful if you work on several projects at the same time and need to be better organized. In particular, it takes the KANBAN form and offers you simple management of your projects.

It’s simple: when you open the software, you see your priority tasks and the progress of your projects in general.


check position

Let’s go back to the realm of SEO again: Checkposition is a tool that will allow you to quickly and easily find out where a site ranks in Google for certain keywords.

This is an essential and free SEO positioning tool on Google, up to 200 tracked keywords!


evernote tool

Finally, who doesn’t need to take quick, smart notes? This is where comes in Evernote. This software, available in application and web version, allows you to quickly jot down your ideas or take notes during a meeting.

You can then easily find these notes thanks to the search engine integrated into the tool. And if you work in a team, you can also share your notes with your colleagues.


screamingfrog tool

This tool is clearly a reference (if not THE reference) in terms of crawl analysis. Any SEO consultant must have a tool of this ilk to carry out technical audits and identify the obstacles of a site.

Bonuses: ScreamingFrog is free up to 500 URLs and costs very little in its full version! Don’t be scared off by its raw appearance.


google search console tool

Why deprive yourself of a free SEO tool, offered by Google itself? Even if the data shared via Google Search Console are often limited, this is a must to add to your toolbox!

Discover the impressions of your sites in the SERPs, the clicks generated, on which requests, which pages…


google analytics tool

We can not emphasize this enough : SEO is only one pillar among many others, all of which make up a global digital marketing strategy. To realize this, you only have to analyze the account Google Analytics of your biggest customer.

GA is once again a free tool allowing, among other things, to analyze the evolution of SEO sessions or SEO users on a specific site.


webpagetest tool

Finally, what could be better than a nice, reliable tool, allowing you to analyze the web performance of your sites or those of your customers for free?

Where they are strong is with WebPageTestyou can customize session emulation: located in Paris, via 4G / Iphone X for example ! Then get a Core Web Vitals report of the page and multiple recommendations in 1 click.

Do you have tools to add?

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